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90-Day Comment Period for Preliminary Floodplain Maps for Yellowstone River: May 26 – August 23, 2016.  

Carbon County is working with the Montana Department of Natural Resources (DNRC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to update the existing Flood Insurance Rate Maps along the Yellowstone River with more accurate information.  The maps indicate areas at risk of flooding during a 100-year flood event.  The Carbon County Flood Insurance Study is also being updated to incorporate the updated Yellowstone River floodplain information.

Comments and Appeals on the preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps and the preliminary Flood Insurance Study can be submitted to Carbon County by August 23, 2016 using this form:  Comment/Appeal Form

After August 23, 2016, the preliminary maps and study will be revised as necessary by DNRC and FEMA, based on submitted comments and appeals.  Once finalized, the maps and study will replace the existing Flood Insurance Rate Maps along the Yellowstone River in Carbon County.

The Stillwater County portion of the Yellowstone River floodplain was updated with the new information in 2013, and the Yellowstone County portion of the floodplain was updated in 2007.   Once finalized, the new Flood Insurance Rate Maps for the Yellowstone River and the updated Flood Insurance Study for Carbon County are expected to go into effect in early 2017.


The proposed floodplain changes can be viewed at:  

The Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps can be viewed here:

Index 1 (west)

Index 2 (east)

Map Panel 30009C0020E

Map Panel 30009C0035E 

Map Panel 30009C0055E 

Map Panel 30009C0060E

Map Panel 30009C0080E

Map Panel 30009C0085E

Map Panel 30009C0105E

Map Panel 30009C0110E


Preliminary Flood Insurance Study


For more information contact:

Josh Juarez, Carbon County Floodplain Administrator, 406-446-1694,


Tiffany Lyden, Montana DNRC, 406-444-0599,