County Road Crews are cutting trees, wood piled on the side of County Roads is free for the taking

Burn Permit System

Building Guidance Flowchart

March 26, 2015


          March 26, 2015

          Commissioner John Prinkki was present. Commissioner John Grewell was attending a meeting in Billings regarding Montana Department of Transportation’s construction project on Highway 212 through Roberts.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

          Commissioner Prinkki met with Sheriff Josh McQuillan to discuss putting together a cost analysis for what it would take Carbon County to construct and operate our own jail.

          10:30 Carbon County Museum Director Debbie Brown met with Commissioner Prinkki to discuss the Professional Services Agreement for Historic Preservation Officer. Contract signing will be delayed until Commission has a quorum and until the Commissioners have a better idea what Congress’ PILT appropriation will be.

          10:50 Commissioner Grewell joined the meeting.