What are Noxious Weeds:
Noxious weeds are non-native plants that have been introduced to Carbon County through human actions both purposely and by accident. Due to their aggressive growth and lack of natural enemies, these species can be highly destructive, competitive, or difficult to control. It is important to remember that noxious weeds are everyone's problem. They not only reduce crop yields, destroy native plant communities, and degrade wildlife habitat, they can also damage recreational sites, clog waterways, lower land values, and poison livestock. The Carbon County Weed District can assist you with identifying noxious weeds and give you advice on their control.

Carbon County Weed District Mission:
We will strive to preserve the integrity and diversity of our natural resources and agricultural lands within Carbon County and will continue to help the people of Carbon County through education and assistance in the control of noxious weeds. 

Weed Board Members (All are at large)
Mark Richards – Chair
J.O. Hash
Mark Giesick
Scott Blain
Jason Oswald


Carbon County Weed District
Brian Ostwald, Supervisor

Office Hours: 7:00am – 5:30pm
Monday – Thursday
(except legal holidays)

Weed Shop Building
30 Monahan Road
PO Box 255
Joliet, MT 59041

(406) 962-3967 (phone)

(406) 962-4358 (fax)



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