Wind Project

2020 Annual Report

Agreements (adopted 9/5/2019)

Impact Fee
Road Use
Tax Abatement
Tax Appeal Limitation Agreement
New and Expanding Industry Classification ApplicationSupplemental Info.

September 4, 2019 Community Meeting Presentation

Conditional Use Permit Revision April 2019


2017 New and Expanding Industry Assessment Applications

Cover Letter
Application packet

2016 New and Expanding Industry Assessment Applications

Development Application

  1. Applications for Development Permit
  2. Evidence of Site Control
  3. Evidence of Capability to Complete Project
  4. Site Plans
  5. Preliminary Construction Plans
  6. Traffic Control Plans
  7. Haul Routes and Loads
  8. Road and Maintenance Plan
  9. Reclamation and Decommissioning Plan
  10. Trash, Debris, and Hazardous Material Disposal
  11. Construction Sanitary
  12. Noise Study
  13. Shadow Flicker Study
  14. Project Lighting
  15. Phased Schedule
  16. Biological Conservation Plan
  17. Fugitive Dust Control Plan
  18. Emergency Management Plan
  19. Permanent Meteorological Towers
  20. Figures: Maps and Attachments Index
  21. Attachments List – Attachments can be viewed at the Carbon County Commissioners Office.