April 16, 2015


          April 16, 2015

          Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell, and John Prinkki were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

          Clerk and Recorder Marcia Henigman spoke with Commissioners regarding concerns about snow shoveling & building maintenance issues.

          Marissa Godoy met with Commissioners for Public Comment period. Ms. Godoy expressed concerns regarding junk vehicles parked on the County road adjacent to her property on Broadway Ave in Belfry. She also expressed concerns that a number of properties on Broadway are encroaching on the County right-of-way. Commissioners reviewed the process for the County to abandon a road with Ms. Godoy.

          9:00 Road Superintendent Shawn Mains met with Commissioners to discuss County Road maintenance issues. They also discussed the plan for county road tour they will be taking Friday, Monday, and Tuesday.

          Commissioner Tucker moved to accept April 6th and 9th meeting minutes as presented; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

          Commissioners received right-of-way grant offer from BLM to add segments to the existing right-of-way number MTM-106767 for Railbed Road.

          9:25 County Attorney Alex Nixon met with Commissioners regarding County Business. They discussed creating fire season and burn permitting system. Mr. Nixon informed the Commissioners that he has hired Jackie Papez as Deputy County Attorney who is scheduled to start August 1, 2015. She has land use, water law, and civil law experience. They also discussed MACo’s determination that JPIA Liability Insurance will not cover liability for jail inmates housed out of state and the impacts that determination could have on contracting with Park County Wyoming for inmate detention.

          1:00 Commissioners attended the Board of Health Meeting. Doug Tucker moved to approve January 22, 2015 Board of Health meeting minutes as presented; John Grewell seconded; motion carried.