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May 2 , 2023 Special Purpose Districts Election Important Dates

December 8 – February 6, 2023: Candidate filing open

February 6, 2023: Deadline for a candidate to withdraw

February 27, 2023: Write-in candidates must file a declaration of intent by 5pm

April 3, 2023: Close of Regular Voter Registration

April 12, 2023: Absentee ballots available to the public

April 12-17, 2023: Absentee ballots mail

May 2, 2023: Election Day

May 2 , 2023 School Elections Important Dates

(School Elections are ran by the individual school districts. Please contact your school district for more information)

December 8-March 23, 2023: Trustee candidate filing open

March 30, 2023: Last day trustee candidates may withdraw from election and Deadline for write-in candidate for a trustee position on a school board to file declaration of intent

April 3, 2023: Close of regular voter registration

April 12, 2023: Absentee ballots available

April 12-April 17, 2023: Ballots are mailed.

May 2, 2023: Election Day


September 12, 2023 Municipal Primary Elections Important Dates

April 20, 2023: Candidate filing opens

June 19, 2023 @ 5pm: Candidate filing closes

July 10, 2023: Deadline for write-in candidates to file Declaration of Intent for the primary election

August 14, 2023: Deadline for candidates to withdraw general election candidacy

August 14, 2023: Close of primary election regular registration

August 23-28: Ballots mailed

September 12, 2023: Election Day

September 26, 2023: Primary Canvass


November 7, 2023 Municipal General Elections Important Dates

September 5, 2023: Deadline for write-in candidates to file a Declaration of Intent for the general election

October 10, 2023: Close of general regular voter registration

October 18-23: Ballots are mailed

November 7, 2023: Election Day

November 21, 2023: General Canvass




2022 Federal General Post-Election Audit Results


Voter Turn Out

                                         Primary     General

Absentee                       53.3%        72.1%

Poll                                18.9%        54.1%

Total Turn out             41.2%        66.7%


June 7, 2022 Federal Primary Official Canvas

November 8, 2022 Federal General Official Canvas



If you are a citizen living oversees or you or your spouse are serving in the military, you still have the legal right to vote in the state and county you consider your primary residence. If you think you may qualify to be a UOCAVA voter, please click here for more information.






Please visit My Voter Page to see

  • If you are registered to vote
  • Your voter registration address
  • Location and directions to your county election office*
  • If you are on the list to have ballots mailed to you
  • The status of your mailed ballot*
  • A sample ballot*


Please visit the Secretary of State’s website for historic election results. 

Visit the Secretary of State Elections Page for more information including:

  • Accessible Voting
  • List of Candidates (State/Federal)
  • Election Results
  • Polling Locations
  • Electioneering Rules/Judge
  • Student Voter
  • Inactive Voter Status
  • Voter Identification
  • Late Registration