April 6, 2021

April 6, 2021

Commissioners Scott Blain, Bill Bullock and Scott Miller; Administrative Officer Angela Newell; and Commissioners’ Secretary Barbara Krizek were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

Discussion regarding staffing within the three road crew shops. Newell has drafted a general road crew vacancy notice which includes verbiage about a 12-month hiring pool. Commissioner Miller has appointed an interim Foreman for the Bridger road crew, Tyson Bauwens, based on seniority.

9:00 Compensation Board Public Hearing attended by Joe Johnson, Pam Crist, Clerk and Recorder Christine Stovall, Treasurer Lori Lynde, and County Attorney Alex Nixon. Commissioner Miller moved to open the Public Hearing; Commissioner Blain seconded; motion carried. The public members of the Board (Johnson, Crist, and Gordy Hill) will meet and discuss a proposal before the follow-up Public Hearing scheduled for Thursday. Johnson thanked the Board for their good work over the years, but announced that he will not be seeking another term when his expires. Discussion regarding exploring more family-friendly health insurance rates for dependents/children in the future.
Commissioner Bullock departed the meeting.

Discussion regarding property and casualty insurance renewal. Commissioner Blain stated that Seitz Insurance would like an opportunity to offer a proposal. Newell will draft a Request for Proposals (RFP).

Newell renewed discussion regarding amending existing County employee pay scales; Commissioners agreed to keep Clerk and Dispatch on same pay scales.

Commissioner Blain moved to approve the Montana Department of Administration 9-1-1- Grant; Commissioner Miller seconded; motion carried.

11:00 Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) Coordinator Cyrina Allen joined for her monthly update. Allen drafted a policy for the County’s electric sign board trailer to provide official documentation ensuring traffic control devices promote the safe and efficient utilization of roadways per the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD). Commissioner Blain moved to approve Resolution 2021-07 Digital Message Board policy; Commissioner Miller seconded; motion carried.
Allen reported that COVID-19 activities are still on-going, but winding down with slowing number of vaccines being administered due to waning interest; those who have wanted vaccines have received them while others are waiting for the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine versus the 2-dose Moderna vaccine; others are waiting to see whether there are any negative side-effects.

Allen summarized grants in progress: approved for $77.6k for 2021 911 Grant; submitted for 2021-2022 Emergency Management Performance Grant; and submitted for 2021 State Homeland Security Grant.

Allen would like to have a back-up power supply for Dispatch; last Monday’s wind event interrupted power. Newell and Commissioner Bullock are working on getting Commercial power service into the Courthouse instead of the Residential service it is currently receiving.
Commissioner Blain moved to approve the District Court Fines and Fees and Cash Balance Reports for March; Commissioner Miller seconded; motion carried.

Geospatial Information Systems Coordinator / Fire Warden Tom Kohley joined for his monthly update. Kohley detailed fire season preparations regarding evacuation protocols. He has been coordinating with Yellowstone and Stillwater Counties regarding mutual aid for fires.

12:00 Adjourned.

1:00 Commissioners’ Work Session. Discussion and preparations for Detention Facility public meeting on April 14. Commissioners would like to add speed limit zones to Ortiz Road and Grove Creek Road; added to future agenda. 3:45 Adjourned.