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SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

April 7, 2016


          April 7, 2016

          Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell, and John Prinkki were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegence

Public Comment: Gordie Blevins, Susan Foisy, Bill Foisy, Glory Mahan, Rosaline Rose, Hope Freeman, Marjorie Pinkerton, Colleen Stevenson, Wayne Stevenson, Diann Larson, William Larson, Brittney Sallee, Jim Northcutt, Chris Northcutt, Deb Seymour, Ken ?, Maryvette Labrie, Alistair Baker, Jean Atherly, Pam Hellerud, Tony Kendal, Diann Schwartz, Larry Keller, Mary Cameron, Diane Dimich, Elizabeth Cameron, Hannah Dimich, Mike Keys, Michael Szczutkowski, Drew McManus, Michael Homes, John Elsberry, Heather Islin, Mike Booth, Christi Brenna, Andrew Dimich, Leah Niemi, Albert Brown, Beryl Newman, Judith Gregory, Mary Fitzgerald, Jim Johnson, Brett Murphy, Margie Bohan, Rob Owen, Barry Flemming, JP Westbrook, Stephanie Naftel, Beth Steen, Jason Lawson, Karla Kober, Linnhe Reed, Contract Deputy County Attorney Jacque Papez, and Burt Douthit were in attendance. Commissioner Prinkki noted the letter received from Joel Todd regarding Mary Cameron would be addressed at 9:30 as noted on the agenda.

Michael Szczutkowski asked about the completion of construction on Airport Road; Commissioner Prinkki noted it is a City road and that would be a question for their public works department.

8:40 County Attorney Alex Nixon joined the meeting.

Gordy Hill asked if the Sheriff could take over policing the City of Red Lodge as a result of the current disruptions. Commissioners stated the issue has not been proposed or considered; the interlocal agreement for Law Enforcement Services in Joliet was initiated by the Town of Joliet and only provides coverage for 20 hours per week.

John Elsberry asked if Commissioners shared the perceived animosity between the County and City of Red Lodge as suggested by City officials. Commissioner Prinkki believes the City and County have had a good working relationship citing cooperative projects such as the West Fork Road reconstruction, Airport Hill Road realignment, and current efforts to create a cemetery district to support the Red Lodge Cemetery. Mr. Elsberry asked what was the law enforcement hierarchy within the Coutny. Jacque Papez responded noting that the Sheriff’s jurisdiction is the whole County including incorporated areas; she is not familiar with an instance of County Law Enforcement taking over municipal law enforcement except through interlocal agreement. Commissioner Grewell also noted the County has entered into an interlocal agreement for County Justice Court to serve as Red Lodge City Court.

8:50 Commissioner Tucker and County Attorney Alex Nixon left the meeting to tend to an emergency situation.

Diann Larson asked how the Development Regulations update was progressing; Commissioners noted the Planning Board is very close to a final draft of the regulations to recommend for adoption by the Commissioners. They hope the updated Regulations can be adopted in May or June. Angela noted all documents related to the update process are available on the County website.

Commissioner Prinkki noted the County’s new Road & Bridge Superintendent David Ohnstad will start Monday.

Gordy Hill asked about progress in establishing East Rosebud Road as a County Road. Commissioner Prinkki noted the Commissioners had a meeting with landowners and they are working on easement language and putting together a petition for County to adopt it as a County Road.

Commissioner Grewell stated that the note he passed to Commissioner Prinkki was regarding the issue that Commissioner Tucker and County Attorney Alex Nixon were tending too.

Diann Larson asked if Fox Lane was a County Road; Commissioner Prinkki stated it was and noted after the last storm the road did not get plowed until the next day.

Commissioners noted the Homestead Road Bridge will be replaced in the near future. The project is being funded by Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP) grant funds and the State off system road bridge program. Commissioner Grewell noted five bridges have been replaced or are scheduled to be replaced in his district during his term and with grant funds County taxpayers have only had to pay for approximately 20% of the total cost.

9:00 Jacque Papez noted she has received an inquiry regarding E. Rosebud Road from an attorney and had forwarded her memo regarding the road’s status that was sent to the Commissioners last fall.

9:30 Commissioner Prinkki asked for the audience to introduce themselves. Mary Cameron waived her right to privacy and requested an open meeting. Commissioner Prinkki read the March 21, 2016 letter from Joel Todd requesting Mary Cameron be removed as DUI Task Force Coordinator; he also read the April 6, 2016 letter from Joel Todd modifying the request in the March 21 letter (attached). Mary read her response letter (attached). Deputy County Attorney Jacque Papez noted based on her review of the letters and attachments she did not find grounds for discipline.


Commissioner Grewell attended the City Council meeting referenced and noted he did not witness any personal attacks and believes Mary was acting as a private citizen. Commissioner Prinkki commented he appreciates Mary’s work on the DUI Task Force. Jacque received a text indicating that Mr. Todd had withdrawn his request. Commissioner Prinkki opened the meeting to public comment. Bill Larson, who manages the Pro Shop at the Golf Course, noted he sends his employees to Mary’s Responsible Alcohol Sales and Services classes and they have given him positive feedback. During one of the classes Mary raised concerns regarding staff procedures and worked with Bill to updated their procedures; Bill appreciated Mary’s extra effort. Michael Szczutkowski expressed his disappointment that Joel Todd and Mayor Ed Willams were not in attendance. Warene Wall noted the City believed the meeting had been postponed. Jacque clarified that Mr. Todd wished to cancel meeting, but there had been no indication from County Attorney Alex Nixon or the Commissioners that they agreed to cancel the meeting. Pam Hellerud asked for clarification if anything would be put on Mary’s record. Commissioners noted as the letters had been rescinded there was no action to be taken and nothing would be noted in Mary’s personnel file.

9:40 Commissioner Tucker rejoined the meeting.

Diann Dimich asked attendants to go to City Council meeting to request City make changes. Commissioner Prinkki expressed his concerns regarding allegations from City Officials that the County is interfering in City business. Christi expressed her frustration that the allegations were not brought to the Commissioners prior to being published in the Carbon County News.

10:15 Commissioner Tucker moved to accept March 2016 claims report; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

10:30 Insurance Committee meeting. Lola Ashby, Lynn Schwend, Rick Martin, Rochelle Loyning, Jane Swanson-Webb, Jamie Ostwald, and Christi Brenna were present. Lola presented recommendations on behalf of the Committee. Noting there is only one employee on the RM500 plan, the Committee recommend replacing the RM500 plan with the HD3000 plan and offering an incentive for employees to choose the plan by contributing the difference between the County contribution and the premium cost to a Health Savings account. The Committee also recommended an increase to the County’s Insurance contribution from $700/month to $840/month to match the 20% increase in premiums since the last contribution increase in fiscal year 2012. Commissioner Prinkki asked about raises over the same period. It was noted salary increases have been approximately 21% over same period. Lynn noted increases have mostly covered increased expenses and have not significantly increased take home pay. Lynn asked about County vehicles and the expense of those vehicle.


Commissioner Prinkki noted he calculated the difference in the cost of purchasing a vehicle and reimbursing him for mileage; it was less cost to the County to purchase a vehicle.

Commissioner Grewell moved to remove RM500 Plan and replace it with HD3000 Plan and contribute the difference between the County contribution and the HD3000 premium to a Health Savings Account baring any legal issue; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Tucker noted County contribution increase will continue to be discussed. Christy Brenna and Commissioner Grewell both noted they would prefer a pay increase over an increase to the health insurance contribution.

Commissioner Tucker moved to amend March 7, 2016 meeting minutes to reflect that the Tomahawk Restaurant is connected into the Fromberg water system not the Bridger water system.

11:30 Treasurer Jane Swanson-Webb met with Commissioners for the quarterly collateral report. Commissioner Grewell moved to accept Treasurer’s 3rd Quarter Collateral Report; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Grewell moved approval of the Forest Service Land Use Agreement for Red Lodge and Bridger Airports; Commissioner Tucker seconded; Commissioner Tucker noted Fair dates needed to be given to the Forest Service as an excluded time period; motion carried.

12:00 Adjourned



Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant