August 15, 2023

August 15, 2023
Commissioners Scott Miller, Scott Blain, and Bill Bullock; and Administrative Officer Angela Newell were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.
Miller provided an overview of the Montana Rail Passenger conference last week including a discussion of creating a passenger route through the Clarks Fork Valley.
GIS Coordinator Tom Kohley met with Commissioners about forecasted hot, dry, and windy conditions for the rest of the week. Surrounding Counties will be turning off their burn permit systems. National Weather Service does not anticipate red flag warnings.
9:00 Kohley in attendance. Blain moved Order 2023-01 to Amend Herd District No. 1; Miller seconded; Blain reiterated that it is the HOA’s responsibility to get their fence up to a legal standard before Herd District provisions can be enforced; motion carried.
Bullock moved to approve Commissioners Proceedings for July 11th and 13th; Blain seconded; motion carried.
10:00 Karen Hallenbeck and other representatives from the MT Aeronautics Division met to provide a presentation regarding the State’s Capital Planning. Steve Smith, Jeff Wise, and Lance Bowser were present. Discussion of airport funding mechanisms including the various grant and loan programs, zoning and runway protection requirements for FAA funding, commitments for use of funding for land purchases, the courtesy car grant program, development of training programs for Airport Managers, and search and rescue operations.
Bullock moved to approve employee time as submitted; Blain seconded; motion carried.
11:20 Clerk and Recorder Macque Bohleen met with Commissioners regarding a property up for Tax Deed. Bullock moved to approve Resolution 2023-23 to issue Tax Deed on S18, T07 S, R24 E, PILLSBURY PLACER MS # 7281, on file in the Office of the Clerk and Recorder of said County, under Deed Book 90 page 254, Document No. 183219; Blain seconded; motion carried.
Bullock moved to approve a special check run for M&M Road Service for a claim that did not make it to Accounts Payable in time for the July Claim run; Blain seconded; motion carried.

Commissioners discussed the reserve price for the auction of County land in Joliet. Currently, the reserve is at the full appraised value of $350,000, but it could be dropped to 90% of the appraised value of $315,000 under statute. Discussion of marketing costs if property does not sell. Bullock moved to lower reserve to $315,000; Blain seconded; Blain stated that the purchase including buyer premium would still be 95% of the appraised price and would not have to pay $6,000 marketing fee for no sale; motion carried.
Commissioners approved the asset disposal form for a totaled 2012 Chevy Pickup (attached).
11:55 Human Resource Specialist Kate Asbury met for her monthly update. Asbury discussed the drug and alcohol testing policy, noting it requires written documentation as to why testing does not occur within two hours of an accident. Asbury and Commissioners discussed the desire to have a local testing option at Beartooth Billings Clinic vs. having to wait on Chemnet to come up from Billings to perform testing. Asbury would like to button up Work Comp procedures and testing.
12:00 Meeting closed to discuss personnel issue.
12:10 Meeting reopened. Recess for lunch.

1:00 Airport Board Meeting. Steve Smith, Bo Ewald, Jeff Wise, Lance Bowser, Red Lodge Mayor Kristen Cogswell, Public Works Brian Hannah, Planner Courtney Long, Council Member Kris Keys, Attorney Dennison Butler, Marie Olsen, and Richard Borshime were present.

2:00 Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Officer