NOTICE: Carbon County Development Permit On-line Application and Process Guide  

SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

August 20, 2015


          August 20, 2015

          Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell, and John Prinkki were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

8:35 Deputy County Attorney Jacque Papez met with Commissioners to discuss county business.

8:40 Treasurer Jane Swanson-Webb and Valarie Sharbono from the Department of Revenue met with the Commissioners to discuss a letter of reprimand Valarie received stating that she had broken confidentiality. Jane clarified that she had discussed the particular employee issue with Valarie and that Commissioner Tucker is the only person she had a subsequent conversation with.

Commissioners sent a letter to Red Lodge Mayor Ed Williams and Bearcreek Mayor Jennifer Jessen informing them that they intend to allow the Interlocal Agreement for Administration of the Red Lodge-Roberts Ambulance District to automatically renew.

9:10 Brent Moore met with Commissioners regarding subdivision issues. The file for the Meadow Wood Subdivision at Remington Ranch cannot be located but the plat indicates that there is an easement to Rodeo Road. In 2011 a previous owner took down the fence and the current owner would like to put it back up so she can pasture her horses. Brent also discussed standards for creating access to a land locked parcel across another parcel owned by the same person. The Commissioners confirmed that there are no standards required for the County as an existing approach would be used. They recommended that the fire district be contacted to make sure that the road specs would allow for emergency access. Brent gave the Commissioners an overview of the progress on the Development Permit revisions.

Commissioner Prinkki received a call back from Tim Baker. He is working toward reconciling the State’s counts of migratory birds at the site of the Mud Springs Wind Project and the counts determined by Everpower the company financing the project.

9:40 Road Superintendent Shawn Mains met with Commissioners to open grader bids. Josh Harris and Kacey Pentecost RDO and Kraig Pester Tractor & Equipment were also present. Two Bids were received as follows: Tractor & Equipment Co.: 2015 160M3 AWD $336,268 including electro-hydraulic blade controls, options $4,300, trade $90,000, total $250,568; RDO Equipment Co.: John Deer 872G $347,600, options $16,824, trade $84,000, total $280,424. Commissioner Grewell moved to accept Tractor & Equipment Co.’s bid; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Tucker moved to accept meeting minutes from July 30, August 3, 6, and 10; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

12:00 Adjourned


Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant