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SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

August 24, 2015


          August 24, 2015

          Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell, and John Prinkki were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

Charlie Hansen State DES met with commissioners to discuss grant application. Commissioner Grewell moved to accept agreement for Emergency Management Performance Grant; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried.

9:00 Tom Kohley met with Commissioners to discuss employment details for the DES/ GIS Manager positon. Sheriff Josh McQuillan was also present. Tom would be available to start September 1st. Also discussed involvement in DNRC as Infrared Interpreter needs one assignment to get credit. Sees it as training opportunity and relationships with state agencies. Discussed LEPC Chair as duties of DES Coordinator. $62,000 wage. Also discussed involvement in Sheriff operations. Industrial is still working out radio issues.

Commissioner Grewell moved to relinquish the old Grapevine Road easement, as construction has been completed, and relinquish the old alignment to David R. and Charlene M. Baker (landowners) per their agreement with Montana Department of Transportation (MDT); Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Grewell moved to relinquish the old Rockvale Road easement, as the realignment has been completed, and relinquish the old alignment to Todd and Karen Bell (landowners) per their agreement with MDT; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Tucker moved to appoint Ken Metzger to the Edgar Sewer Board for a three year term ending December 31, 2017; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

Commissioners reviewed the 2015-2016 Budget. $1,003,500 in capital projects were delayed until 2016-2017 including: $34,000 Courthouse and Personal Services Building landscaping and sprinkler system installation; $7,500 Sheriff Secretary security door; $35,000 roof replacement Personal Services Building; $150,000 Farewell Road realignment, $354,000 Homestead Road Bridge replacement; and $423,000 Red Lodge Creek Road Bridge replacement. Additional expenditures were cut to balance the budget including: $1,200 to Commissioners’ travel budget; $61,000 for County Building repairs and maintenance; $1,000 for a new computer for the Sanitarian; $27,700 from the Disaster and Emergency Services budget for rural addressing and Public Information Officer services that were historically contracted and have been brought in house ($22,500), gas ($2,000), vehicle maintenance expenditures ($2,200), and setting up a new computer ($1,000); $120,000 from the Road fund for Bridger district asphalt ($20,000), track hoe ($60,000), mower ($20,000), Joliet grader (reduced by $20,000); $27,000 from the Fair fund for facilities improvements and building maintenance; $60,000 in the Airport fund for repair and maintenance items ($10,000) and transfers to the capital improvement fund ($50,000); $3,200 from the Weed fund for costs associated with printing calendars; $33,500 from the Public Safety fund for gas ($5,000), record scanning ($13,000), vehicle repair ($2,500), office equipment repairs ($3,000), and coroner professional services ($10,000).

Commissioner Tucker will send a letter of support for a speed study to increase Belfry Speed Limit to 35 MPH.




Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant