August 6, 2018 Special Meeting

August 6, 2018
Commissioners Robert ‘Pits’ DeArmond, Scott Blain, and Bill Bullock were on the agenda and attended the regular Fromberg Town Council Meeting.
6:58 Mayor Shirley Miller called the meeting to order.
Commissioner Bullock began as presiding officer. A brief introduction was provided and the explanation that the Commission was there to reach out and provide the opportunity for residents to connect with them personally.

Commissioner Blain also introduced himself and discussed jurisdictional boundary issues and that the rural areas surrounding the Town are in his Road District. He also noted the importance and value of mutual aid agreements with the County, much like the road project agreements that have been entered into with the City of Red Lodge and Town of Joliet.

Commissioner DeArmond introduced himself and noted the Town of Fromberg is in his Commissioner District. He discussed the County’s involvement with the flooding this spring and the commitment to working with the all of the towns in the County. The Town asked about FEMA funding for the flooding this spring. Mayor Miller was advised to calculate the total number of equipment and personnel hours expended by the Town and to contact DES coordinator Tom Kohley with that information to apply for funding.

For some time, the Town of Fromberg has considered adopting the Carbon County Growth Policy. This item was on the Council’s agenda and was the source of some discussion. Commissioners explained there was no gain for the County or charge to the Town of Fromberg for adopting the Policy. Commissioners noted the County’s cost for revising the Growth Policy was over $20,000 and it could provide a baseline for the Town’s policy and they could add to it if they desired. Commissioners also noted having a Growth Policy is required to be eligible for a number of grant programs through the State. The Town of Fromberg did adopt the Carbon County Growth Policy.

The meeting adjourned about 10:00 pm. All three Commissioners stayed until the end.