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SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

December 24, 2015


          December 24, 2015

          Commissioners John Grewell and John Prinkki were present.

          8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

          Commissioners discussed their travel budget. Commissioner Prinkki used his personal vehicle to go to the annual MACo conference in Missoula so that his county vehicle would be available that week and the following week when he was on vacation. His county vehicle was used by the Treasurer’s Office for a number of trips in that two week period that would have resulted in a higher mileage reimbursement than what was paid to John. As a result the Commissioners Travel line item may go over budget.

          9:00 County Attorney Alex Nixon met with Commissioners to discuss contract County Attorney positions and proposed contract specifications. The Deputy County Attorney positon will become two contract positions, once for civil issues and one for criminal / dependent neglect issues. They also discussed the Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus Policy implementation.

          9:20 DES Coord. / GIS Mgr. Tom Kohley joined the meeting to discuss the Emergency Operations Plan being proposed by Public Health. The Plan will be discussed with the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and Board of Health.

          Commissioners also discussed with Alex the Road Superintendent duties under Montana Code Annotated.

          10:00 Sanitarian Josh Juarez met with Commissioners to discuss the Dept. Public Health and Human Services – Licensed Establishment Inspections Cooperative Agreement. He has performed 96% of inspections and has a few more inspections scheduled for next week. Some seasonal establishments were not inspected this year because of the timing of Josh’s employment. He has performed 40 septic inspections, issued 50 septic permits, and has had 4 major complaints which are in various stages of investigation. New food rules went into effect in October for “cottage food” items; the new rules allow preparation of low risk foods in personal homes, and allow the County to collect a $40 fee. Temporary food service inspections are handled at the County level now and the County can collect an $85 or $115 fee depending on the size. Commissioner Grewell asked about daycare inspections; Josh inspects Beartooth Hospital Day Care, the Boys and Girls Club, and schools.

           Commissioner Grewell moved approval of the Licensed Establishment Inspections Cooperative Agreement for January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016; Commissioner Prinkki seconded; motion carried.

          10:30 DES Coord. / GIS Mgr. Tom Kohley met with Commissioners regarding the Road and Bridge Superintendent position. Tom appreciates the ability to coordinate incidents with one individual rather than individual shop Foreman’s on incidents. Discussed fire response logistics and coordinating trainings this spring so Tom has a chance to work with the road crews prior to an incident. Commissioners intend to advertise the Road Superintendent position January 7th and 14th.



Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant