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December 24, 2018


December 24, 2018

Commissioners Robert ‘Pits’ DeArmond, Scott Blain, and Bill Bullock, and Dpty Clerk & Recorder Christine Stovall were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance
9:00 Mail: Reimbursement from MACo Workers’ Compensation Trust Loss Control Credits. We received $3110.00 credit back for our Safety Score and percent contribution.
The commissioners discussed the county sanitation review process. The county would like Engineering West’s services be consistent with the services the county has been providing for property under 20 acres being reviewed by DEQ and county review on parcels over 20 acres as a current practice.
9:45 The commissioners read their minutes from December 20th, 2018. Commissioner Blain moved to approve the minutes, Commissioner DeArmond seconded the motion; motion carried.
10:00 Junk Vehicle Lease Agreement with Town of Bridger. Commissioners reviewed agreement again. Lease had been sent to County Attorney Alex Nixon to review. The Town of Bridger had concerns about insurance coverage from the county. We will send them copy of our insurance and they seem to be agreeable with that. Commissioner DeArmond made a motion to accept contract for lease of property in Bridger for storage of junk vehicles. Commissioner Blain seconded. Commissioner Bullock asked for any further discussion. All approved, motion carried.
10:30 DES/GIS Monthly Update. In regards to the FEMA plan flood recovery. Tom said they are moving west to east, so we are last to be visited. They believe it will be February before they come to Carbon County. In the future the commissioners will sit down with Tom and Annie and review paperwork.
Review of grants, see DES update. For the Homeland Security Grant for the repeaters, they are requesting a breakdown. Discussion of grant for a flood response trailer with no match that could store sandbags, tarps, sand filling tools, shovels.
Attended Roberts Fire Board meeting and brought maps overlaying existing fire district boundaries. Tom will visit with DOR regarding parcel division.
Attended EICS training in Billings and active shooter exercise MSUB. DES is coordinating a planned active shooter activity the first part of June for Carbon County. This will be done at RL HS after school hours
They are reaching out with outreach education to the community to encourage enrollment in Code RED and delivery of emergency preparedness information. Annie will have a booth at the Health Expo Jan 12th.
Tom presented a request form for a week long conference in Las Vegas regarding radio system understanding in March, 2019. Commissioners approved request.
11:00 Weekly Project Update with Codan Communications phone conference. Tom, Annie, Josh McQuillan were in attendance. On conference was Tom Dunne, James with Codan. Tom Dunne said they would start staging equipment the later part of this week. Feels they should have equipment in racks by end of week. Kelly Carrington did files for configuration for ENM connection. ENM connection should run fine. Calibrated and configured correctly. Commissioner Bullock requested itemized cost of repeaters for Homeland Security Grant for first payment. Tom Kohley asked if they finalized a training date. They will work together and with Kelly Carrington to confirm training dates.
11:30 Nationwide. Commissioner Bullock opened for discussion in regards to the Nationwide Fixed Annuity Contract. Commissioner DeArmond moved to accept the contract, Commissioner Blain seconded the motion; motion carried.
12:00 Adjourned

Respectfully submitted: Christine L Stovall, Dpty Clerk & Recorder