December 31, 2015


          December 31, 2015

          Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell, and John Prinkki were present.

          8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

          John Husar met with Commissioners to update them on the Mud Springs Wind Project. West Inc. from Cheyenne WY, recently finished an eagle observation study performed between September 7 and November; as the counts were low they believe it would qualify project for category 2. A follow-up study will be performed in the spring. Mr. Husar also presented preliminary numbers for project costs and expected return on investment which is expected to be approximately 15 years. They discussed the impact fee rate; Everpower would like the impact fee waived. Commissioner Grewell noted that he is not inclined to waive entire fee, but there will need to be further discussion before the final rate is set.

          9:00 County Attorney Alex Nixon met with Commissioners to discuss County business. They discussed a litter violation on Selms Road; the violator pled guilty but no restitution was ordered by the court. Alex would have to pursue a civil action to collect cost of removing litter; criminal action was finalized with guilty plea. They also discussed Wind Project impact fee.

          10:00 Sharlene McComas was present for board appointments. Commissioners received letters of interest from Kenneth Palmer to be reappointed to the Belfry Cemetery District, Dave Alsager to be reappointed as Red Lodge District representative for the Planning Board, and Martha Sobral and Elizabeth Scanlin to be appointed as Planning Board representatives.

Commissioner Tucker moved to (re)appoint board members as follows:

          Belfry Cemetery, Kenneth Palmer, three year term

          Roscoe Cemetery, Guy Dodge, one year term

          Roscoe Cemetery, Dean Arthun, two year term

          Roscoe Cemetery, Tom George, three year term

Clarks Fork Valley TV District #1

          Pat Hill, three year term

          Betty Phillips, three year term

Compensation Board

          Joe Johnson, Red Lodge District, three year term

Planning Board

          Red Lodge District, David Alsager, two year term

          At Large, Martha Sobral, two year term

Tax Appeal

          Joliet District, Barry Rowlison, three year term

Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

          10:25 Commissioner Grewell moved to approve the revised Road and Bridge Superintended Job Description as presented; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried. The open position will be advertised January 7th and 14th in the Carbon County News, on the Montana State Jobs posting site, and on craigslist. Applications will be due January 22nd with interviews the week of January 25th.



Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant