December 7, 2015


 December 7, 2015

          Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell, and John Prinkki were present.

The morning portion of the meeting took place in Joliet (Resolution 2015-18) to bring the Election Precinct Consolidation Public Hearing closer to the Boyd and Edgar Precincts that will be affected by the consolidation.

          8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

          No public comment was received.

          Commissioner Tucker moved to approve District Court’s Fines and Fees Summary and Treasurer’s Cash Report for November 2015; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

          Commissioner Prinkki reported that the County received Red Lodge Mountain’s 2015 Resort Tax Payment.

          Commissioners received a letter from Shawn Mains accepting the open Road Maintenance Worker positon.

          Commissioners received a letter from Allen Althoff requesting to serve another term on the Bridger Cemetery Board.

          9:00 Commissioners discussed the Road Superintendent positon. Commissioner Grewell would like the Commission to take its time to find good experienced candidates; it may be helpful to expand the search through alternative advertising options. He still sees value in the position, but noted that for it to be effective all Commissioners have to be in agreement on the functions of the position; there is room in the position for more responsibility. Commissioners discussed their experience with the position and the management functions of the positon.

          10:00 Election Administrator Judy Christensen met with Commissioners for the Election Precinct Consolidation Public Hearing. Ron Kapor Bridger, Eugene Sticka Bridger, Susan Melker Edgar, Cindy Graber Joliet, Donn Lorash Boyd, and Janet Luloff Boyd were also present. Judy presented a power point outlining the consolidation plan which will reduce the number of precincts to thirteen (13) from the current sixteen (16) by consolidating Luther and Roscoe, Joliet Rural and Boyd, and Edgar and Fromberg precincts. Don Lorash asked how the combined precincts will handle the extra voters.

Judy noted the machines can handle the combined precincts and an extra election judge will be added to the combined polling place.                      

Don is concerned that voters will not vote if the staff cannot handle the additional voters; voting should be convenient for the voters. Participants also discussed concerns about congestion at the Joliet Community Center and parking issues with additional voters at the polling place. Judy will make sure there are folks at the polling place to direct voters and noted that in the last election more than 50% of those in the Boyd precinct voted absentee. Cindy Graber asked if some of the savings from consolidation could be used to publish a larger sample ballot in the newspaper and posting sample ballots in the Community Center and Post Office in Boyd. Ron Kapor expressed concerns with absentee ballots and issues with the mail. Commissioner Grewell moved to approve the precinct consolidation; motion was rescinded, there is a second public hearing Thursday.       

11:00 Susan Melker met with Commissioners to raise a complaint regarding trailers and sanitarian concerns off the East Pryor Road in Edgar where she lives. The Sanitarian is aware of and addressing the issues.       

12:00 Lunch         

2:00 Commissioners reconvened the meeting in Red Lodge for the East Pryor Road Bridge bid opening. Mark Gunderson Billings, Cody Ham Battle Ridge Builders, Colter Wiggs Castle Rock Excavating, Jeremiah Theys Great West Engineering, Ashley Nett Dick Anderson Construction, and two other attendants, whose names on the sign-in sheet were illegible, were also present. Bids were received as follows:

          Dick Anderson Construction         $391,822

          Oxendahl                                   $257,421

          Battle Ridge Builders, LLC            $247,848

          Castle Rock Excavating               $255,505.50

          Timberline Contracting                $233,110

          Tamietti Construction                 $236,820

Jeremiah Theys will review bids and present a recommendation to Commissioners at the December 17th meeting at 10:00 am.       


Respectfully submitted: Marcia Henigman, Clerk and Recorder