February 20, 2020

February 20, 2020
Commissioners Robert ‘Pits’ DeArmond, Scott Blain, and Bill Bullock; Angela Newell, Administrative Officer; and Barbara Daniel, Commissioners’ Secretary were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance
Commissioner Blain relayed discussions from yesterday’s Detention Facility Citizen Advisory Committee meeting where Dan Clark, director of the MSU Local Government Center in Bozeman, recommended that Commissioners pass a resolution forming the Committee clearly outlining size, scope, and direction of duties and that by-laws be established. Commissioners would be non-voting members of the Committee. Commissioner Blain has asked Deputy County Attorney Jacque Papez to draft a Buy-Sell agreement for the Stevens’ property site in Joliet.
9:25 City of Red Lodge regular meeting. DUI Task Force Coordinator and City Council Representative Mary Cameron attended. Discussion about City’s Resort Tax meeting earlier this week. April is National Alcohol Awareness Month and Cameron would like Commissioners to sign a Proclamation on behalf of Carbon County as a public education piece. Discussion about liquor licenses and city ordinances.
9:50 County Attorney Alex Nixon joined the meeting to note that draft language has been emailed to Commissioners regarding the revised language in the Road Resolution Establishing Road Maintenance Priority Policy to be signed next week.
10:00 Pryor Mountain Road Bridge Project Bid Opening. In attendance were Chuck Strum of Interstate Engineering, Vicki Dickinson of NWLECET, Ryan Nutt of COP Construction LLC. Bids received were: Dick Anderson Construction, received 2/19/2020, for the amount of $465,727.80; COP Construction LLC, received 2/20/2020 at 9:30am, for the amount of $487,487.00. Interstate Engineering will review the bids for completeness; Commissioners will make the award at a later time.
11:00 Strum returned to the meeting with Interstate Engineering’s formal recommendation that the Pryor Mountain Road Bridge Project be awarded to Dick Anderson Construction. Commissioner Bullock moved to sign the Notice of Award to Dick Anderson Construction for the construction of a new bridge over Bridger Creek on Pryor Mountain Road; Commissioner DeArmond seconded; motion carried.
Commissioners signed an agreement with Charter Spectrum Communications for high speed internet in the Administration Building.
12:00 Adjourned for Commissioners to attend the DUI Task Force meeting.

1:30 Insurance Committee Meeting attended by County Attorney Secretary Judy Prinkki and Treasurer Lori Lynde and presented by Pam Walling of MACo Health Care Trust. Walling presented renewal rates for employee medical, dental, and vision coverage; rates will not increase over the previous fiscal year due to the healthy status of the Health Care Trust. Discussion about Flex Plan options for next fiscal year. A follow-up meeting was scheduled for March 24th to finalize plan options.

3:30 Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted: Barbara Daniel, Commissioners’ Secretary