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SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

February 21, 2019

February 21, 2019
Commissioners Robert ‘Pits’ DeArmond, Scott Blain, and Bill Bullock, and Administrative Officer Angela Newell were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance
Sanitarian in training Cortney Lynde and Susan Melker from the Tomahawk met with Commissioners regarding licensing. Susan noted the Town of Fromberg Resolution in 2002 annex the property into the town but it was not done properly because it had not been approved by DEQ approval. Susan noted issues she had with previous Sanitarian Josh Juarez who would not approve the restaurant license because the property was zoned agricultural and should not have had septic or sewage hook ups. Susan noted there have been issues getting sewage pumped into the Town’s system; the sewage is currently being “picked up.” They are on the Town’s water. She would like to work with the County to get DEQ approval for the water and sewer facilities on the property. Commissioners noted county can not weigh in on whether or not property is in the Town of Fromberg or not and recommended Susan clear up the annexation record as the certificate of survey shows the property in the Town of Fromberg. It was also noted the Sanitarian cannot assist with the application to DEQ, because it could be a conflict of interest when they provide County review for DEQ. Cortney noted she has a list of consultants Susan could contact to assist with the application process.
9:00 Commissioner Blain attended the Library Board meeting last night. The Board is currently full with Commissioner Bullock being appointed as the Red Lodge District representative. Commissioner Bullock moved to table the Resolution to Assume the Duties of the Carbon County Library Board; Commissioner DeArmond seconded; motion failed. Commissioner Bullock moved to postpone indefinitely the Resolution to Assume the Duties of the Carbon County Library Board; Commissioner DeArmond seconded; motion carried.
Commissioner Blain also attended Monday’s Fair Board meeting. He noted the Board had their first reading of Capital Improvement goals. Biggest goal is to improve electrical service hook ups for campers at Fairgrounds. Commissioners discussed requesting a follow-up from the Fair Board annually after the fair to discuss capital projects.
9:30 Brent Moore from Interstate Engineering met with Commissioners to discuss Task Orders for the East Side Road Bridges and to discuss the Capital Improvement Plan Task Orders. Brent noted the Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) is expected to have a grant cycle opening this year. The FLAP grant program only requires a 13% local match. Brent did note a FLAP project would require more stringent design standards which would increase the total cost and timeline for the project, but with a lower match requirement than the Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP) it could be more affordable for the County in the long run. The next TSEP grant application cycle would slate the project for the 2021 construction cycle which may not be that much different than a FLAP project. Commissioner Bullock asked if it would be more beneficial to do one bridge at a time. Brent recommends applying for both bridges as it may reduce some design and administrative costs. He also recommends applying for FLAP and using TSEP as backup plan.
Brent and Commissioners also discussed the task order for the creation of a comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Brent noted this would typically be a 5- year plan that would have dedicated funding for projects in the plan. Brent discussed software options for implementing CIP. Brent and Commissioners also discussed funding sources for the creation of the plan. The County has a TSEP Planning Grant that was awarded for a Bridge CIP; Commissioners have requested a change in the scope of the work to apply that grant to a County Wide CIP. Brent also recommended the County apply for a Renewable Resource Grant and Loan (RRGL) program grant; the RRGL program awards $5,000 grants for the creation of CIPs and does not require a local match. Another option would be a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), but there is not currently a funding cycle open; Commissioners do not want to wait for funding.
Brent and Commissioners Discussed having specific task orders for projects over $5000; anything under can fall under on-call general services contract. Commissioner Bullock moved to approve Interstate Engineering Task Orders 1 & 2 for the East Side Road Bridges; Commissioner DeArmond seconded; motion carried.
10:10 County Attorney Alex Nixon and contract Civil Attorney Jacque Papez met with Commissioners. Jacque noted MACo has revised their reservation of coverage regarding the Burgen case. Industrial Communications has filed an amended answer; the case will be moving into the discovery phase.
10:35 Samantha Long Historic Preservation Officer met with Commissioners regarding an update and the Certified Local Government (CLG) Grant Application for Historic Preservation Officer costs. The museum has been working with the MT Historic Preservation Alliance on their 1-2 room school house inventory and a historic bar and tavern inventory. Samantha has also been advising on the Old Roosevelt School renovation project and the City of Red Lodge wayfinding project. The Historic Preservation Commission is gearing up to update the Historic Preservation Plan. Commissioner Bullock moved to approve the CLG Application; Commissioner DeArmond seconded; motion carried.

11:00 Safety Committee Meeting. Pam Schwend, Nikki Bailey, Tom Kohley, Cortney Lynde, Jeff Schmalz, Lori Lynde, Annie Gillespie, and Rick Martin were present.
Commissioner Bullock moved to approve Commissioner minutes from January 24, 28, and 31, 2019; Commissioner DeArmond seconded; motion carried.
12:20 Adjourned

Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Officer