February 23, 2015


          February 23, 2015

          Commissioners Doug Tucker and John Grewell were present. Commissioner Prinkki was at the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

10:00 Commissioner Tucker moved to approve the contract between Carbon County and the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services for the Immunization Program Grant; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator Darrel Krum met with Commissioners to discuss the State’s push for Next Generation 911 system that would include texting capabilities. An informational meeting will be held Wednesday in Joliet.

10:15 Sheriff Josh McQuillan met with Commissioners to discuss sick leave policy.

11:00 Commissioner Grewell move to accept contract renewal for Computer Maintenance and Management with Morrison-Maierle Computer Systems Corp.; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried. Mike Felten with Morrison-Maierle attended the meeting.