February 3, 2021

February 3, 2021

Commissioners Scott Blain, Bill Bullock and Scott Miller; Administrative Officer Angela Newell; Commissioners’ Secretary Barbara Krizek; Deputy Sheriff Jeff Schmalz; Justice of the Peace Kevin Nichols; and Lombard Conrad Architects Ken Gallegos and Russ Moorhead; and Spectrum Group Architects Kathleen Armstrong were present.

1:30 Special Meeting for proposed Detention Facility layout re-configuration. Commissioner Bullock relayed to the architects that Sheriff McQuillan is more comfortable with down-sizing the original proposed facility from 100 beds to closer to 50 beds due to staffing and reduced number of confirmed contracted beds from other counties. At this point, Commissioners are not as concerned about designing for a possible future addition of beds as they are about designing for the possible future addition of a law and justice center (court) should current proposed State legislation pass which would eliminate the requirement of the Sheriff’s office being located in the county seat. Architects can design the facility with half the number of beds while retaining the number of inmate classifications.

2:00 Sheriff Josh McQuillan, Yellowstone County Undersheriff Sam Bofto, and Yellowstone County Jailers Lieutenant Jason Valdez and Lieutenant Steve Metzger joined the meeting. Yellowstone County implored that recreation areas be included in each pod for staffing efficiencies; more than one contact-room for attorneys; programming room for inmate activities; toilet facilities in sally port; a robust sewer system; an extra inmate cell for staff training purposes; making medium/high security cells adaptable; and a rubberized holding cell.

Moorhead detailed layout options which could accommodate a potential future law and justice center.

Commissioner Bullock updated architects regarding utility infrastructure construction costs: a $300k propane system which can be converted to natural gas when it becomes available, $2M for water-sewer, $20k for electrical, and $20k for internet.
Gallegos provided a summary of edits and deliverables for tomorrow’s regular Commissioner meeting.

Discussion regarding hiring a Jail Commander to oversee design and construction once the bond passes and is certified.

Newell provided details about reimbursing the General Fund with the Detention Operating levy for admin expenses. Per County Auditors, a prorated amount of additional staff costs for Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Information Technology can be included in the operating levy total.

Resumed discussion regarding Memorandums of Understanding with partnering counties and bond language requirements. Newell computed hypothetical operating cost scenarios; Commissioners deliberated on Stillwater County’s counter-offer regarding the draft Memorandum of Understanding.

4:30 Adjourned.