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SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

February 9, 2017


February 9, 2017

Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell, and John Prinkki and Administrative Assistant Angela Newell were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioner Prinkki moved to approve January 2017 claims; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Grewell moved to accept January 2017 District Court Fees Distribution Report; Commissioner Prinkki seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Prinkki noted we have received all easements for E. Rosebud Rd. Landowners are working with their legal counsel to circulate a petition.

Commissioners received correspondence from Crowley Fleck regarding provisions that EverPower objects to in the Mud Springs Wind Project’s New and Expanding Industry Resolutions.

9:00 County Attorney Alex Nixon and Civil Deputy Attorney Jacque Papez met with Commissioners. They discussed the letter from Crowley Fleck. The Commissioners expressed frustration that EverPower agreed to the return on investment provision in the resolution at the public hearing they attended. Commissioners also questioned why issues with the Resolutions were not raised sooner; the resolutions were circulated before approval and EverPower did not attend the meeting when they were adopted.

9:15 Sheriff Josh McQuillan joined the meeting to discuss position for Marsy’s Law compliance. Hope Freeman discussing compliance issue with the municipalities and is suggesting they contract with the County to provide those services. The Sheriff’s Office has printed contact cards with information for victims. Sheriff and County Attorney would like to have the position in place a month or two before the law goes into effect at it will affect cases started but have not resolved prior to implementation. Commissioners suggested that Alex could reinstate the Deputy County Attorney positon to assume those duties in the interim to evaluate work load and reevaluate adding an additional position.

Commissioner Grewell moved to reinstate Deputy County Attorney position effective February 17 and authorize County Attorney to begin advertising for the position (amended to note position will include duties for Marsy’s law compliance as assigned); Commissioner Prinkki seconded; motion carried.

Commissioners discussed information technology services with the Sheriff and County Attorney and division of responsibilities between Morrison Maierle Systems and Deputy Kelly Carrington.


10:00 Marge Taylor, Nikki Elliott, and Susan Pattison met with commissioners regarding Fromberg streets. Commissioner Grewell noted the County used to plow by school but stopped because of the speed bumps; the city would not work with the County to remove them. Fromberg would like financial help to fix asphalt where county road comes into Fromberg; Commissioner Grewell noted that towns receive tax money for roads.

Attendants asked about park in lieu of fund and how to get money from that fund; Commissioners noted the fund is financed by subdivisions and funds would only be eligible for communities where a subdivision contributed to that fund. They also asked about the community entrance signs at Roberts; Commissioners noted the signs were funded by a grant and because the community is not incorporated their maintenance is the County’s responsibility.

10:30 Barb Beck and Shawn Stewart met with Commissioners for an update from Fish Wildlife and Parks. Included in the department’s legislative proposals are a study bill to allow for electronic tagging for game and an increase in block management payment caps from $12,000 to $15,000. Barb noted less than 1% of the Department budget comes from the general fund; the majority of revenues come from fees and excise taxes on ammunition. In this legislative cycle the Department will be requesting additional general revenue funds to combat invasive muscles. Part of the additional funder would be to hire an additional 180 seasonal employees. The Edgar bridge fishing access site is on the commission’s agenda tomorrow; if approved, the site will have to go through public comment period. Shawn noted the delisting of grizzly bears is on hold so comments can be addressed in the final document. Shawn and Barb noted there was little participation from both landowners and hunters in the elk shoulder season in Carbon County.

12:00 Adjourned



Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant