January 13, 2022

January 13, 2022
Commissioners Scott Miller, Scott Blain, and Bill Bullock; and Administrative Officer Angela Newell were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.
9:30 Red Lodge Mayor Kristin Cogswell met with Commissioners for her regular appointment. Discussed large events including the Beartooth Motorcycle Rally. Discussed impacts to parking. City has discussed controlling events; discussion about the need for equal application of rules to all events and that any regulations cannot single out one event (ie: Beartooth Rally). Discussed Public Health and legislative changes that give the Commissioners’ the ability to change or repeal an order by the Public Health Officer or Board of Health following a public hearing. Discussed pool phase 2 construction. Discussed Fairgrounds and the potential and desire to allow more events to be hosted including the potential for camping. Marijuana local option tax discussion. Bullock and Cogswell also discussed Airport grants, improvements, and master plan.
10:00 County Attorney Alex Nixon joined for his regular meeting.
12:00 Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Officer