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SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

January 3, 2019

January 3, 2018

Commissioners Robert ‘Pits’ DeArmond, Bill Bullock, Scott Blain and Clerk and Recorder Christine Stovall were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance
9:00 Commissioners reviewed resolutions regarding Commissioner Meeting Dates, Public Postings, Office Hours, Travel Rates, and Daily Rates of Incarceration. Commissioner Blain moved to accept resolutions with no changes, Commissioner DeArmond seconded. Motion carried. Commissioner Bullock moved to appoint Commissioner Blain of the Joliet Commissioners District #2 to assume the role of presiding officer of the commission from 2019 to 2021. Commissioner DeArmond seconded. Motion carried. Commissioner DeArmond moved to appoint Bill Bullock backup presiding officer, Commissioner Blain seconded. Motion carried.
9:15 Commissioner Blain moved to accept the minutes for December 27th and December 31st, 2018. Commissioner DeArmond second motion, motion carried.
10:45. Travis West of West Engineering joined the meeting to discuss the contract he signed and the commissioners approved December 31, 2018 for County Sanitarian needs. Lori Kane, Sanitarian secretary was present. Travis asked for questions and the needs of the county. He is amendable to whatever the county feels we need to fill the vacated sanitarian position for as long as needed. Commissioner Bullock commented we need functions necessary to keep the process moving and requested Lori coordinate with Travis. Travis would like to keep the process the way Carbon County has done it with Josh Juarez. He will visit with DEQ about this. Lori will send calls to Travis when needed. Travis would like access to I-Doc and ImageSilo to look up documents. Lori suggested the office send a letter out to installers for expected projects and Commissioner Bullock will address this in a letter to the installers regarding changes. Commissioner Bullock asked if Travis would be interested in an apprenticeship scenario. Travis said he may oversee an apprenticeship program until the exam is passed. Lori said we are good for the food program for this year, except for new food licenses. Food inspections are on the calendar year Jan-Dec. Lori will go over with Travis the usual procedure. Lori visited about seamless docs. Commissioner Bullock suggested talking to Morrison Maerle to forward Josh’s e-mail to Lori. Travis asked about meeting in the future to visit about how the process is going with the county and his services.

11:15 County Attorney Alex Nixon joined the meeting. He said Dpty Co Atty Shannon Foley sent the commissioners an e-mail about an issue. Alex said Shannon should be around today regarding the sally port issue if they would like to visit with her. He received an e-mail from Jackie Papez regarding an issue she has with one of her clients and a subdivision in Carbon County. Before Marcia Henigman retired she had requested notice from subdivision owners lienholders before the survey is filed in our office as usual. Jacque didn’t feel this was necessary and may come to us to be waived.
Jacque will set up time for discovery regarding Burgan.
12:00 Lunch

Respectfully submitted: Christine L Stovall, Clerk and Recorder