January 5, 2023

January 5, 2023
Commissioners Scott Miller, Scott Blain, and Bill Bullock were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.
On January 4th a meeting was held with the City of Red Lodge and the Joint Airport Board to discuss the City’s proposal to develop an Industrial Park on the Northeast portion of the airport.
Public Comment: Robert Cichosz Jr. met with Commissioners to discuss Vail Avenue in Belfry and requested cement blocks put up at the end of the street. Commissioner Miller said they will be replaced in a few weeks by the Bridger road crew.
HR Specialist Kate Asbury met with Commissioners to discuss requiring all county employees to approve time weekly. Asbury noted it costing the County extra time and money to complete this every two weeks with approvals being missed regularly. All Commissioners agreed to revising the Time Tracking / Preparation of Payroll policy that Kate proposed. It would change to the policy to say, “Employees shall approve their scheduled time segments via the TimeClock Plus System by the end of their last scheduled shift each week. Managers shall approve employee time segments by the end of business each Monday.” Asbury will also reiterate to all employees through the County Employee Newsletter and an email that time needs to be entered daily (in accordance with current policy) and approved weekly per the revised policy. She will also review this policy change at the next Department Head meeting.
0900 Public Health Director Erin Cross met with Commissioners for her monthly update. Cross is working with local clinics and providers to start increasing testing for syphilis; noting current Syphilis statistics state wide. In 2022 there were 306 Syphilis (P&S), 80 Syphilis (Early Latent), and 205 Syphilis (late, latent, unknown duration). Mobile vaccine clinics continue for Influenza and school required vaccines, some schools have requested reproductive health classes and education – working on building educational sessions. Offering in house COVID-19 vaccine clinics. Have one full time RN position open. Participating in SHIP (State Health Improvement Planning group). Working with Mental Health Center, Communities, EMS, and Commissioners on building out a mobile crisis response team. Hiring Care Coordinator/Team Lead for Crisis Response Team. Continue regular QPR suicide prevention trainings and other mental health trainings as requested by schools, other entities and communities.
0950 Commissioner Blain moved and Commissioner Bullock second to approve Monthly County Claim for the month of December; motion carried.

0930 Red Lodge Mayor Kristen Cogswell met for her regular appointment. No items were discussed.
1000 County Attorney Alex Nixon met for his weekly appointment. No items were discussed.
1017 Commissioner Blain moved and Commissioner Bullock second to accept the County Clerk and Recorder, District Court, County Treasurer reports for December; motion carried.
1030 Nixon and Sheriff Josh McQuillan met with Commissioners to discuss the Alternatives Inc. Services Agreement. McQuillan noted the County currently pays approximately $52,000 annually for contracted and per diem services. Commissioners agreed to wait until after the next Alternatives meeting on February 6th to decide on renewing the contract or bringing services in house. McQuillan will evaluate equipment and startup costs. Discussed the Jail Base Pilot Program that Alternatives has that could help inmates leaving the Yellowstone County Detention Facility (YCDF) that have been detained after 2022.
1100 Cross rejoined the meeting to discuss sexually transmitted infections (STIs) across the County. Cross noted Public Health is working with local taverns to install prophylactic machines to help reduce STI transmission. Cross confirmed that the County is not in outbreak status, but continues to see regular instances of STIs. It seems to be a problem across the County and not isolated in one community.
1110 Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) Coordinator Cyrina Allen met with Commissioners for her monthly update. Allen noted accident in the Belfry area on HWY 72 involving two semi-trucks. Several Grants have been awarded to Carbon County for Emergency Management Planning. Bear Creek Mitigation Grant application was due at the end of September so Allen expects notification soon. Allen noted the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) meeting was held on 4 Jan 2023 to begin updating the Emergency Operation Plan. The Montana Emergency Managers Committee will be holding the 2023 conference in Red Lodge at the Fairgrounds on Oct 20-12th.
1200 Adjourned.