July 13, 2017


July 13, 2017

Commissioners Doug Tucker and Bill Bullock and Administrative Assistant Angela Newell were present. Commissioner Grewell participated via video conference.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioner Tucker talked to Army Corps regarding the Karina floodplain permit; the Corps is waiting on documents from Karina’s Engineer.

Commissioner Tucker talked to BNSF will redo crossing in Edgar next Wed night. Should have it open by morning. Carbon co will need to provide hot mix.

Commissioner Grewell moved to approve June 22 and 26th minutes; Commissioner Bullock seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Grewell moved to approve Justice Court End of Period Disbursement for June 2017; Commissioner Bullock seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Bullock moved to accept June 2017 final claims report; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

9:00 Contract Civil Attorney Jacque Papez met with Commissioners. They discussed easements requested by the City of Red Lodge for the de-annexation of the Fairgrounds. Jacque recommends a survey be conducted so the easements are clear. Commissioners agree surveying would be cleanest way to grant easements. Jacque left a message with EverPower’s attorney regarding revised New and Expanding Industry Applications and requested changes to the Impact Fee Agreement, but has not received a response. Commissioner Bullock noted he has directed Weed Dist. Coord. Brian Ostwald to direct EverPower to the Commission if he is contacted regarding weeds; the County is still waiting on an updated site plan to determine if the existing Development Permit is valid.

9:15 Don Hornberger met with Commissioners regarding Karina Floodplain appeal. Stated Karina has 3 violations with Army corps of Engineers. Commissioners noted appeal will be based on Sanitarian Josh Juarez’s recommendation.

9:25 County Attorney Alex Nixon joined the meeting. He noted the first choice Marsy’s Law Victim Witness Advocate declined the job offer, Alex will conduct follow-up interviews on the second and third place candidates.

Commissioners approved Justice of the Peace Kevin Nichols request to increase Part-Time Clerk Sabrina Pratt’s wage to the mid-clerk rate of $21.44/hr.


11:00 Architect Susan Hovde and Sheriff Josh McQuillan met with Commissioners for the Court House Addition bid opening. Jeremy Sweeney, Brandon Pratt, and Steve Morgan were present.

Pratt Enterprises – $339,500

Sweeney Legacy – $199,400

Morgan Contractors – $202,548

Diamond Construction – $310,500

Commissioners and Susan met with Jeremy Sweeney to discuss the construction timeline if the project is awarded. Jeremy is looking at a start date in mid-August if his subcontractors can work with that date. Susan will certify bids are complete so the contract can be awarded.

12:00 Adjourned



Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant