July 14, 2016



July 14, 2016

Commissioners Doug Tucker and John Prinkki were present.  Commissioner John Grewell was out.  Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant, was on maternity leave.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioner Tucker moved to accept additional run of claims for month of June; Commissioner Prinkki seconded the motion; motion carried.

Commissioner Tucker moved to accept the Clerk and Recorder’s report for June; Commissioner Prinkki seconded the motion; motion carried.

The commissioners read a letter of advisement from Great West Engineering that the bids for construction of the Red Lodge Creek bridge be rejected; the project will be reviewed and put out for rebid later this fall.

9:00 Jackie Papez, civil county attorney, Alex Nixon, county attorney, and Sheriff Josh McQuillan met with the commissioners.  Discussion was held regarding the issue of the East Rosebud Road and recent petition; Jackie has not heard back from Rene Coppock regarding the insufficiencies of the petition but recommends that the county continue to work with the petitioners to satisfy the insufficiencies.  She and Alex also recommended that the amended easement by Bert and Joann Eder be rejected; an easement to the county should not be conditional other than as a county road.  Commissioner Prinkki requested Jackie to draft an acceptable easement the county can approve that could be used by the landowners along East Rosebud Road.  Jackie and Alex advised the commissioners that proper easements would be preferred prior to the acceptance of the petition.

Discussion was then held regarding the potential purchase of the Wells Fargo drive-in building for use as a dispatch center.  It had been disclosed that the property had been a gas station from the 1950s to the 1970s.  A Phase One report had been done and although a radon test showed no existing tanks the ground still may be contaminated.  The property is listed “as is” but Jackie and Alex recommended a Phase Two study be done before making an offer; the cost of the study and cleanup should contamination be found would be cost prohibitive.  Commissioner Prinkki had been told that another local individual was interested in the property for retail purposes which might be a better fit for the property.  He had also spoken with Tom Kuntz of the local fire department which may have property that fits the dispatch center and provide other possibilities for the county.  Commissioner Prinkki asked Jackie and Alex to research the logistics of a joint ownership/lease operation.  The commissioners requested Jackie to abandon work on the buysell for the Wells Fargo drive-in building.

9:35  The meeting was closed for discussion of personnel issues; Alex advised that the privacy of the individuals outweighs the interest of the public.  Minutes of the closed meeting were taken per statute.


9:50  The meeting was re-opened to the public.  Jackie advised the commissioners that the reply to the Burgan lawsuit was submitted; the court will make a decision based on the reply or schedule a hearing.

10:00  Commissioner Tucker moved to accept the minutes of July 7 and 11; Commissioner Prinkki seconded the motion; motion carried.

Treasurer Jane Swanson Webb gave the commissioners her quarterly collateral report.  The county is fully collateralized but funds are down from previous years.  Commissioner Tucker moved to approve the treasurer’s report; Commissioner Prinkki seconded the motion; motion carried.

11:00  Adjourned



Respectfully submitted: Marcia Henigman, Clerk and Recorder