July 14, 2020

July 14, 2020

Commissioners Scott Blain and Bill Bullock; Administrative Officer Angela Newell; Commissioners’ Secretary Barbara Daniel; and Scott Miller were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioner Blain shared that there will be an Open House for the Roberts Water-Sewer District project on August 11th at 6pm at the Roberts High School sponsored by Great West Engineering. A Community Block Development Grant and Rural Development Loan has been secured.

Commissioner Bullock moved to approve Commissioners’ Proceedings for June 23, 25, and 30 of 2020; Commissioner Blain seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Bullock moved to approve Resolution 2020-22 Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget Amendment; Commissioner Blain seconded; motion carried.

9:30 Treasurer Lori Lynde presented her quarterly Collateral Report; total cash was $21,705,024.93 ($4.5M more than 2019, of which approximately $4M are Pryor Mountain Wind Impact Fees). A school Superintendents meeting is scheduled for July 22nd to address plans for potentially re-opening schools with regard to COVID-19.

Commissioners signed a letter of support to Missoula County Commissioners for their Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority initiative restoring rail service to the Southern Tier of the state.

Commissioners sent a letter of appreciation to Director Mike Tooley at Montana Department of Transportation for completing the Highway 212/310 Northbound lanes from Rockvale to Laurel and in addressing the requests made by the Town of Roberts to fix the issues surrounding the Veteran Memorial markers and drainage ditch.

10:10 Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) Coordinator / Fire Warden Tom Kohley joined the meeting to discuss the Geospatial Information Services (GIS) and DES preliminary budgets. Discussion regarding GIS vehicle requirements and resources available. 10:30 Carbon County News Reporter Eleanor Guerrero joined the meeting. Discussion regarding grants that will be included in the budget and their match requirements. 10:37 Guerrero departed the meeting.

10:40 Sheriff Josh McQuillan joined Kohley in the meeting to discuss 911 / Communications preliminary budgets. Discussion regarding budgeting for radio system enhancements to fill-in coverage gaps; pros/cons/costs of adding a Warren repeater or enhancing the Rock Creek site; decision to budget Rock Creek enhancements for $55k.

11:15 McQuillan stayed to discuss the Sheriff preliminary budget. The Department received a Homeland Security Grant for Computer-Aided Dispatch totaling $180k. With the addition of a Deputy, McQuillian would like to purchase a vehicle every two years (previous schedule was every three years.) Discussion regarding Coroner staffing and adding coroner duties to an existing civilian employee; Commissioners supported it on an as-needed, not on-call, basis.

12:00 Discussion regarding the Beartooth Billings Clinic Public Health grant received from Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) for $58,380.00 and the contract with Beartooth Hospital for Public Health services. Decision to reject the grant as all costs will be CARES Act reimbursable; removing the grant will streamline accounting procedures.

Discussion regarding COVID-19 Incident Management Team roles and contracts. Going forward, Commissioner Bullock will manage the taskings for the co-Incident Commander contract whose services will be on an as-needed basis.

12:45 Adjourned.