July 20, 2021

July 20, 2021
Commissioners Bill Bullock and Scott Miller present. Administrative Officer Newell and Commissioner’ Secretary Krizek were out of the office for the day.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.
8:35 Public Comment Period. Brian and Shawna Cremer, 52 Crazy Horse Lane, were in to discuss maintenance on Robertson Draw Road. They spoke with Commissioner Miller.
8:50 Commissioner Blain joined the meeting. Clerk & Recorder Christine Stovall visited with commissioners. A conversation was had regarding the soft plug at Cooney Dam and the Harris Fire in Joliet. Discussed postage issue with the Detention Center Election return postage. Instructions per state requirement has return postage of .55 cents. Prepaid postage for the affirmation envelope has .51 cents because they were sent through our postage meter. We used affirmation envelopes that were left over from the Primary Election that was a mail ballot election with return postage paid. The postage had changed, so we added a 1 cent stamp.
9:00 DES Request DNRC Assistance – Harris Hill Fire. DNRC County Assist request for Harris Fire discussed with GIS/Fire Warden Tom Kohley and DES Director Cyrina Allen, and approved. Evacuation warning in effect for main Rock Creek Drainage. Robertson Draw Fire flared up again late yesterday, just warning for now. There is 85% containment for the Robertson Draw Fire, and 80% containment for the Harris Hill Fire.

Crew and equipment compensation discussed for the Harris Hill Fire.

9:30 Detention Facility – Alternate Project Delivery. Commissioner Blain moved to approve Alternate Project Delivery; Commissioner Miller seconded; motion carried.
10:00 Petition to Vacate Certificate of Survey 679 RB. In attendance: Clerk & Recorder Christine Stovall, Contract Planner Forrest Mandeville by phone, Red Lodge Surveying surveyor Bill Karas, landowner Marvin Dukart, and landowner Jeffrey Baranek were present.
Red Lodge Surveying, on behalf of Jeffrey Beranek, Kerry Jetmore, and Marvin Dukart has submitted an application to vacate a survey on property located north of Red Lodge, at the intersection of Highway 212 and East Bench Road. Commission action is required since the approval of this request would remove records.

COS 679 RB was filed on June 8, 2008. It rearranged Tract 2B of COS 1427 AM, Tract 1A of COS 679 AM, and Tract A of COS 903 AM. However, deeds were never filed to complete the transfer of land described on the survey. This has created a continuity of records concern for the County, which vacation of the survey would rectify.
The application for the vacation states that the applicants would like COS 679 RB vacated so that the original tracts can be transferred without confusion in the property descriptions. All claimants are listed on and have signed the vacation petition, and no other person, persons, or property will be affected by vacating the survey.
Staff has reviewed the application and recommends that the County Commissioners find that the petition is not an attempt to improperly evade the Subdivision and Platting Act, and approve of the petition to vacate Certificate of Survey 679 RB.
Bill Karas said a Notice of Abandonment of Certificate of Survey will be presented and notarized by the existing landowners with the legal descriptions included. This will satisfy continuity of permanent records in the Clerk & Recorders Office. Commissioner Blain moved to approve vacating Certificate of Survey 679 RB; Commissioner Miller seconded; motion carried with unanimous approval of the board. Resolution 2021-23 to Vacate Certificate of Survey 679 RB was signed.
10:30 Employee time approval. Commissioner Miller moved to approve employee time; Commissioner Bullock seconded; motion carried.

12:00 Adjourn for lunch.

1:00 Commissioner work session.

1:15 Commissioners Blain and Miller had previous commitments and had to leave the meeting. No quorum of commissioners, meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted: Christine L Stovall, Clerk & Recorder