June 16, 2016


June 16, 2016

Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell and John Prinkki were present.  Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant, was on maternity leave.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

The commissioners signed an amended and restated Flexible Benefit Plan with Allegiance for health insurance coverage and flex benefits.

9:00  Jacque Papez, civil county attorney, met with the commissioners to discuss various issues:  a motion to dismiss was filed in the pending Burgan litigation; the possible purchase of the Wells Fargo drive-in building and lots; County Attorney Alex Nixon spoke with Rene Coppock of the Crowley law firm encouraging her to make some progress on the East Rosebud Road petition and standardize the required easements; and issues of encroachment on the Dry Creek Roads.  There was a lengthy discussion on the feasibility of “greenbox sites” in Carbon County to handle the garbage that is being illegally dumped in various locations of the county; Jacque recommended they talk to Musselshell County for a comparison of costs, necessary contracts, etc and with the local garbage contractors.  A county-wide clean-up day was also discussed.

9:30  David Onstad, Road Superintendent, met with the commissioners after having been out of state last week.  David is interested in the use of fuel cards for road crew equipment operators with the state WEX program as a way to track job costs on the equipment. Commissioners Grewell and Tucker asked if their bulk tanks would be eliminated; the Joliet and Bridger crews would be at a disadvantage because of the access problem for big equipment at their local gas stations.  Commissioner Tucker feels the current system works fine and the county can control the blending of fuel that is used.  David feels the county needs a more complete tracking system of fuel usage and will continue to work on other options.

The commissioners signed a letter of support for grant funding for the 4-H Archery Club.

The commissioners discussed a request by Rick Martin, building maintenance supervisor, for trading the Kubota tractor’s new and unused mower deck for a zero-turn riding mower; the tractor is too large and cumbersome for the county buildings’ lawns.  They will compare the costs and trade-in.

10:00  The election canvas was postponed to June 20 at 10:30 due to the post election audit being held on June 17.



10:15  Discussed the MACoJPA bill which was over budget; will check with the auditors to see if it’s an administrative issue and not an amendment to the budget.

10:30 Adjourned



Respectfully submitted: Marcia Henigman, Clerk and Recorder