June 27, 2016



June 27, 2016

Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell and John Prinkki were present.  Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant, was on maternity leave.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

9:00  Jacque Papez, civil county attorney, Alex Nixon, county attorney, David Ohnstad, road superintendent, and Rod Parker, Bridger road foreman, met with the commissioners.  David gave the commissioners an update on current projects; they would like to continue with countywide pavement improvements but the current asphalt supplier’s contract will need to be renewed.  The group then asked to discuss issues regarding operations of the Bridger Road Department.  By request the meeting was closed; minutes taken and sealed per statute.

9:45  The meeting was re-opened to the public.

Alex discussed submitting a claim for DNA testing by the City of New York crime lab; the cost is approximately half the price of going through a private lab and the state crime labs are too backed up to accept the amount of evidence the county has accumulated in the Belfry triple homicide case.  Alex also submitted a purchase order request for trial presentation equipment as discussed last week.  The county attorney also expressed concern over the “wide open” aspect of the Wells Fargo building being considered for the dispatch center.  Alex was called back to his office.

10:00  Jacque Papez, civil county attorney, Josh McQuillan, sheriff, and Tom Kohley, DES/GIS manager, met for a discussion on the dispatch center.  Commissioner Prinkki advised them that he had spoken to an appraiser who would be available to take a look at the Wells Fargo building.  The availability of the dental office next to the personal services building had also been discussed; Commissioner Grewell asked if the appraiser should look at that building as well for a possible discount.  Several issues to a purchase were discussed: remodeling projects currently proposed at the courthouse, city preservation requirements on main street versus off main street, IT transfer questions (communications, phone lines, server, generator, etc), space or proposed space and access to funds (budget).  Susan Hovde joined the conversation by phone to answer questions on the currently proposed projects; could the sally port be built at the proposed dispatch center rather than the courthouse and what requirements by the city would that entail (add to cost) and what prospect would the dental office have for a dispatch center.  Susan thinks the Wells Fargo building and property has more potential and it’s in closer proximity to the courthouse; the dental office is not currently ADA accessible and as a modular would entail expensive remodeling.  She, Tom and Josh all felt that a closer proximity would be advantageous and a cost savings to the communications transfer.  Commissioner Prinkki will arrange a meeting with the appraiser.

Josh asked if the commissioners had made a decision regarding the addition to his preliminary budget for promoting Evan Thompson, part-time deputy, to full-time; the sheriff’s proposed budget was agreeable to the commissioners so Commissioner Tucker moved to promote Deputy Thompson to full-time; Commissioner Grewell seconded the motion, motion carried.

Tom Kohley left the meeting for a conference call with the state to discuss Stage One fire restrictions; the commissioners expressed the desire not to enter into restrictions at this time.

Commissioner Tucker moved to approve the minutes of June 23, 2016; Commissioner Grewell seconded the motion; motion carried.

10:30  The commissioners worked on employee Time Clock approvals.

11:00  Tom Kohley, DES/GIS manager returned to the meeting and presented the commissioners with the GeoLynx 911 System Support renewal contract for 7/1/16 – 6/30/17.  Commissioner Tucker moved to approve the renewal contract; Commissioner Grewell seconded the motion; motion carried.

Tom also presented a Cooperative Agreement between Carbon County and the State of Montana DNRC Southern Land Office for the purpose of allowing Tom to work for DNRC on regional fires in his capacity as a GIS specialist when ordered through the national dispatch system. Commissioner Tucker moved to approve the cooperative agreement; Commissioner Grewell seconded the motion; motion carried.


11:30  Adjourned



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Clerk                                                   Commission Presiding Officer


Respectfully submitted: Marcia Henigman, Clerk and Recorder