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June 30, 2016


June 30, 2016

Commissioners John Grewell and John Prinkki were present; Commissioner Doug Tucker was out of the state.  Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant, was on maternity leave.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

9:00  Jacque Papez, civil county attorney met with the commissioners.  The meeting was closed to discuss a personnel issue; minutes of the closed session were taken and sealed per statute.

9:15  The meeting was re-opened to the public.

East Rosebud Road easements and records were discussed; they reviewed easements received from Bert and Joanne Eder however Jacque will have Alex Nixon, county attorney, review them before they can be recorded.

The county attorney’s office is still waiting for further action on the Burgan lawsuit.

Jacque asked if the Belfry Water and Sewer District is covered under the county’s liability policy with MACoJPT but was advised by the commissioners that they have their own liability insurance.

Jacque advised the commissioners that Tony Kendall has offered to accept the public administrator position for the county for an estate case; Commissioner Grewell moved to appoint Tony Kendall for this one purpose; Commissioner Prinkki seconded the motion; motion carried.  The estate will pay for the public administrator services.

A discussion was held regarding the possible purchase of the Wells Fargo drive-in building.  Commissioner Prinkki reported that he had talked to an appraiser who felt that the appraisal should be well over the sales price.  Commissioner Prinkki asked Jacque to begin preparing a buy-sell agreement with contingencies.  The group went over what miscellaneous projects now have priority.

9:30  Diane Beres, representative from the Remington Ranch Association, met with the commissioners.  She provided some background of the purpose of her visit:  Grand View North and South subdivisions (within Remington Ranch) carry a provision in their covenants for required sprinkler systems in each house; the assumption however is that the county would not enforce that requirement but that the homeowner’s association should.  The term of that particular homeowner’s association has expired and the Remington Ranch Association only has authority in common areas.  The association wants to propose that there be one HOA for the greater development to be called Mountain Meadows Property Owners Association.  New covenants and restrictions would take into account each CC&R currently in existence and incorporate them into the MMPOA covenants.  The question remains however regarding how to address the requirement of sprinkler systems.

Brent Moore and Monica Plecker, county planners from CTA, joined the discussion.  The requirement of the sprinkler systems was a condition of final plat approval for Grand View North and South subdivisions and the condition was then put into the CC&Rs.  They confirmed that the HOA enforces the CC&Rs.  There would need to be an alternative proposed for fire protection and the local fire department should be brought into that discussion.

Commissioner Grewell thought the MMPOA should be formed first so that the county and the local fire department has an entity to work with; Brent recommended that the proposed HOA should meet with the fire chief of the local fire department for his recommendations.

The group then discussed the option of a special improvement district as a funding mechanism for infrastructure needs and how much support there was from the other subdivisions within Remington Ranch.

The commissioners recommended a meeting with Tom Kuntz, local fire chief, to begin the discussion of an alternative strategy for fire protection that could be supported by the homeowners and the proposed MMPOA.

10:00  The bid openings for gravel crushing and asphalt supply was held; David Ohnstad, Road Superintendent, and Craig Stevens from Matriarch Construction were in attendance.

Gravel crushing bids:

Steve Kuntz Construction             $6.00/cu yd at each pit/$180,000


Matriarch Construction                $5.02/cu yd at each pit/$150,600


Nelcom Inc                                $6.99/cu yd at each pit/$209,700


Purcell Construction                    $5.25/cu yd at Dietz and Tucker pits;

$4.90/cu yd at Dykstra pit/$154,000

Bid proposal was incomplete

Hot plant asphalt supply bids:

Fischer Sand & Gravel                 $48.00/ton/$120,000

Commissioner Grewell moved to accept the bid from Fischer Sand & Gravel for asphalt supply; Commissioner Prinkki seconded the motion; motion carried.

After a review of the bids and a brief discussion with Craig Stevens regarding timelines, David made the recommendation to accept the gravel crushing bid from Matriarch Construction.  Commissioner Grewell moved to accept the bid for gravel crushing from Matriarch Construction; Commissioner Prinkki seconded the motion; motion carried.

10:30  Tom Kohley, DES Coordinator/GIS manager, joined the meeting with the commissioners and the road superintendent to review the recent fires on Boyd Cooney Dam Road; the east fire burned approximately 127 acres and the west fire burned approximately 40 acres.  It had been determined that firecrackers thrown from a vehicle had been the cause and his department and law enforcement are following up on that.  Tom thought the command went well and that resources had been divided appropriately; there had been DNRC assistance as well as the county road crew from Joliet.  Their debriefing this morning went well with good discussion.

David requested that Tom talk to the road crews to lay out strategy for them.  Commissioner Grewell said he requires a fireman with each piece of equipment and operator; he would like Tom to assess what is needed from county resources.  The command chain would be IC to Tom to David to road crew; David would then report to the commissioners.  David would like to see an interlocal agreement with neighboring counties; Tom says there is one, however it should be updated.

There was further discussion regarding equipment, safety, communications and procedures.  Commissioner Grewell moved that Carbon County go to Stage One Fire Restrictions effective July 1, 2016 at 12:01 am; Commissioner Prinkki seconded the motion; motion carried.


11:00  David Ohnstad remained to advise the commissioners that the selection committee had three interviews for the open road crew position (out of nine applicants); the committee had two recommendations.  The new opening in the Bridger shop had been posted.  Commissioner Grewell moved to offer the open position in the Joliet shot to Kipp Weber and the open position in the Bridger shop to Matt Lammiman, effective in two weeks.

The commissioners and the road superintendent then discussed purchases out of the current budget and items requested in the upcoming budget.


11:30  Adjourned



Respectfully submitted: Marcia Henigman, Clerk and Recorder