June 8, 2021

June 8, 2021

Commissioners Scott Blain, Bill Bullock and Scott Miller; and Administrative Officer Angela Newell were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

Shane Swandal CCM joined the Commissioners to discuss the Request for Qualifications for the Carbon County Detention Facility Final Design Architect scoring criteria and timeline.

Commissioners received 2021-2022 Fuel Tax Allocations; there has been a slight increase over the previous year.

9:00 County Attorney Alex Nixon, Clerk and Recorder Christine Stovall, Elections Administrator Macque Bohleen met to discuss the local-option marijuana excise tax allowed under HB701. Discussed when the election could be held (June 2022 Primary), the mechanism for calling the election (Commissioner Resolution), potential impacts, and uses of the tax (property tax relief).

Commissioners discussed schedule for paving Clear Creek Road.

Miller moved to approve Commissioner Proceedings for May 18, 2021; Blain seconded; motion carried.

10:00 Fair line item transfer request and preliminary budget. $15K unspent in line 920 for a roof over the scale area; Fair Board is requesting to transfer those funds to the Capital Fund. Blain moved to transfer $15,000 from line 920 to 820 for capital improvements; Miller seconded; motion carried.

Commissioners discussed the Public Health Request for Proposals (RFP); no responses were received.

Discussed Insurance Agency RFP; commissioners may re-solicit proposals.

11:00 Safety Committee meeting. Safety Coordinator Pam Schwend, Undersheriff Jeff Schmalz, GIS Coordinator Tom Kohley, DES Coordinator Cyrina Allen, Treasurer Lori Lynde, Sanitarian Cortney Lynde, and Victim Advocate Tessa Brangers were present.

11:30 GIS Coordinator Tom Kohley and DES Coordinator Cyrina Allen met for their monthly update. COVID-19 After Action Review has been submitted to and approved by State DES. Areas of improvement centered around the chain of command and folks not being sure who had ultimate Incident Command authority. Discussed grant projects; radio system upgrades (waiting to finalize antenna design for Rock Creek Tower); issues with disconnection of dispatch consoles (have not had issues since Dunne provided maintenance); GeoComm mapping to be discontinued, will be switched to Zurcher system for Rapid SOS (would reduce duplication); FEMA training in Alabama at end of August. Kohley gave his update discussing: 911 Grant closeout, address applications, Rural Fire Capacity Grant, and Dispatch mapping.
Discussed Search and Rescue Interlocal Agreement with Red Lodge Rural Fire.

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Geographic Information Systems/Fire Protection Preliminary Budget Kohley and Allen were present. Blain moved to approve a General Fund line item transfer of $23,600 from the DES Interfund Transfers Line 820 to the GIS Interfund Transfers Line 820 for vehicle replacement; Miller seconded; motion carried.

Disaster and Emergency Services Budgets were reviewed including: Local Emergency Planning Committee Fund (funded by donations); 911 Fund (funded by State 911 revenues); 911 Grant; Homeland Security Grant; and PILT Communications.

Discussed Allen and Kohley’s schedules. Req switch to 4/10s. Kohley noted he is often out of the office on Friday afternoons to avoid overtime due to evening meetings. The proposed schedule change would have Kohley working Monday-Thursday and Allen Tuesday-Friday. Commissioners did not have any concerns with the change and approved.