June 9, 2016



June 9, 2016

Commissioners Doug Tucker and John Prinkki were present.  Commissioner John Grewell was in Helena for the governor’s Rail Competitive Council meeting.  Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant was on maternity leave.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

8:50  Commissioner Tucker moved to approve the claims for the month of May; Commissioner Prinkki seconded the motion; motion carried.

9:00  Civil county attorney Jacque Papez met with the commissioners to update them on county matters.  A question was posed by the Crowley law firm as to whether the county has a public administrator; no, the county does not at this time.  The commissioners also requested Jacque to review a personnel matter regarding funeral leave for a salaried, probationary employee.

9:10  The commissioners closed the public meeting to discuss litigation strategy.

9:15  The commissioners opened the meeting to the public.  Discussed the availability of the Wells Fargo drive-in building and what the process would be if the commissioners decide to make an offer and at what purchase price.  Jacque said there could be the possibility of grant funding if the purchase of an additional building created additional jobs.  Discussed a reasonable offer, purposes of the building, parking, and comparable properties.

Discussed the East Rosebud Road issue and the need for proper easements; Jacque reviewed one easement submitted to the commissioners but she advised it had conflicting restrictions and would need to be revised before the commissioners could accept it.

Jacque informed the commissioners that the Supreme Court upheld Judge Jones’ decision regarding the Silvertip zoning petition.  The plaintiffs would need to re-petition their request for a special zoning district.

10:00  No bids were received for gravel crushing.

10:30  No names were presented for the fair board or planning board openings.

11:00  The following bids were submitted and accepted for the sale of county owned equipement:

Mitch Repac            #6 Vin 7479                     $2950.05      high bid

#7 white snow boss           $25.00         high bid

Jay Thompson        #5 vin 528                       $510.00       high bid

Barry Thompson      #6 vin 7479                     $2010.00

#5 vin 839                       $1080.00      high bid

Doug Tucker           #2 flatbed trailer               $100.00       high bid

#1 cherry picker 309          $250.00       high bid


12:00 Adjourned


Respectfully submitted: Marcia Henigman, Clerk and Recorder