Carbon County Development Permit Package

SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

March 19, 2015


          March 19, 2015

          Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell, and John Prinkki were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

          9:00 County Attorney Alex Nixon met with Commissioners to discuss County Business. Commissioner Prinkki noted that he is having issues working with Century Link to address utility line relocations for the West Fork Road reconstruction.

          Commissioner Tucker moved to accept March 12th and 16th meeting minutes; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

          Commissioner Grewell moved to accept all high bids for March 16th Equipment Sale; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried. Bids were awarded as follows: #2 1956 International Military Wrecker: Alvin McGill $2,104.00; #3 1963 Chevy Flat Bed: Mitch Repac Bearcreek Distributing $468.00; #4 1966 FWD Truck: Alvin McGill $2,104.00; #5 1997 Ford F250: Mitch Repac Bearcreek Distributing $920.00; #6 10 Snow Plus Tires: Jody Klessens $1,500.00; #8 Electronic Typewriter: Jeremiah Newell $11.00; #15 Library Table: Marcella Manuel $27.00; #16 Black Top Desk: Jeremiah Newell $5.00; #17 Metal Desk: Charles Truxillo $15.00; #19 Window AC Unit: Marcella Manuel $10.00; #23 Black Desk Chair: Charles Truxillo $15.00; #28 Shredder: Marcella Manuel $1.00; #29 Window AC Unit: Marcella Manuel $10.00; #30 Type Writer: Jeremiah Newell $9.00; #31 (3) Lobby Chairs: Charles Truxillo $15.00; #34 (2) Green Chairs: Liz Baker $5; #36 Brown Chair: Liz Baker $5.

          9:30 Pam Walling MACo Health Care Trust met with Commissioners regarding 2015-2016 Health Insurance Renewal. Treasurer / Supt. Schools Jane Swanson-Webb was also present. Carbon County will have a 4.6% increase to Health Insurance rates for fiscal year 2015-2016. Commissioner Grewell moved to keep same plan offerings and accept 4.6% increase; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried.

          10:30 Clerk and Recorder Marcia Henigman and Election Administrator Judy Christensen met with Commissioners regarding proposed voter precinct changes to take effect in 2016. The proposal would combine the Luther and Roscoe precincts and the Bridger City and Bridger Rural precincts, which both already share a polling place, and the Boyd and Rural Joliet precincts and the Edgar and Fromberg precincts. This will entail changing the polling place for both Boyd and Edgar. The proposal would more evenly divide the population among the precincts. It would also save the County $11,103.44 based on the programing and maintenance of voting machines and election judge wages for the 2014 general election. There would be additional savings when the County needs to buy new voting machines.

          11:00 Planning Director Brent Moore and Bill Karas from Red Lodge Surveying met with Commissioners for Preliminary Plat Approval for the Diamond Minor Subdivision. The one lot Ag Tract is going through subdivision review to remove the Ag Covenants and create an additional lot. The Planning Board and staff recommend approval of the Preliminary Plat with the following conditions:

1. Filing of the final plat shall be subject to final review and approval of the well and septic provisions for lot 1 by the County Sanitarian.

2. The following shall be added to the certification language on the final plat: “we further certify that lot 2 is exempt from Department of Environmental Quality review pursuant to ARM 17.36.605(2)(a) and will be restricted from development until actual development is proposed and the appropriate well and septic permitting is approved.”

3. A notation shall be provided on the final plat that legal and physical access is provided to each lot per 76-3-608(3)(d) MCA.

4. The final plat shall be prepared and reviewed in compliance with Section IV-C of the County Subdivision Regulations as applicable.

          Commissioner Grewell moved to approved the Preliminary Plat of the Diamond Minor Subdivision with the conditions proposed by the Planning Board; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried.   

Brent also mentioned that the Dillon Subdivisions off Meeteetse Trail have had at least two Ag tracts created in the last several years that may have been created to avoid subdivision. The current owners are having issues selling the parcels because of the building restrictions with the Ag covenants.

          Brent discussed flood plain issues. DEQ Letter to Alpine Vista Estates regarding violation of subdivision regulations for un-permitted campground.

The Planning Board has also requested that the Commissioners attend the April 21st or May 19th meeting for a joint workshop on the Development Regulation update.

          Annette Anderson submitted complaint regarding Silvertip Landowners Part 1 Zoning petition that was read into the record of the Planning Board minutes.

          11:40 Commissioner Grewell moved to appoint Gordie Hill as the Joliet District Representative to the Carbon County Planning Board; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried. Appointments to Edgar Water and Sewer Board will be postponed.

          Commissioner Tucker moved to accept Mike Creeden’s Resignation and accept appointment of Clinton Giesick as Conservation District Representative on the Planning Board; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motions carried.