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SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

May 11, 2017


May 11, 2017

Commissioners Doug Tucker and Bill Bullock and Administrative Assistant Angela Newell were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

9:00 Shaun Brown President Morrison Maierle Systems’ Corp met with Commissioners to discuss Information Technology Services Contract. Civil Deputy Jacque Papez, Sheriff Josh McQuillan, and County Attorney Alex Nixon were present. They discussed separation of responsibilities with the various systems in the Sheriff’s Office; Sheriff McQuillan would like Deputy Kelly Carrington to remain primarily responsible for the mobile data terminals.

Commissioner Tucker discussed letter he received from Town of Bridger regarding the County replacing bridge planking on the bridge over the Sand Creek Canal. Statute only requires the County to maintain bridges over natural streams; Commissioner Tucker will respond to the letter.

Sheriff Josh McQuillan discussed security doors in the Court House. The Sheriff’s Secretary and the back door are the highest priority; they hope to have them installed before the trial starts June 5th.

Sheriff Josh McQuillan noted Industrial Communications is installing a new server in the Red Lodge Mountain tower site with a patch that should help with Simulcast.

10:00 Museum Director Sarah Russell and Historic Preservation Officer Samantha Long met with Commissioners for the Historic Preservation Services Agreement. Commissioner Bullock moved to approve Historic Preservation Services Agreement with the Carbon County Historical Society and Museum; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried.

10:45 Justice of the Peace Kevin Nichols met with Commissioners regarding installing security glass in his office; he has been working with a contractor to get a better quote.

12:00 Adjourned

Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant