May 21, 2018

May 21, 2018
Commissioners Robert ‘Pits’ DeArmond, Scott Blain, and Bill Bullock, and Administrative Assistant Angela Newell were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance
8:55 DES Coord. / GIS Mgr. Tom Kohley met with Commissioners to update them on the flooding potential, with warmer weather and rain in this week’s forecast.
9:00 Clerk of District Court Rochelle Loyning met with Commissioners for her preliminary budget.
9:30 Sanitarian Josh Juarez and Assistant Lori Kane met with Commissioners regarding the department’s preliminary budget.
10:00 Contract Planner Forrest Mandeville met with Commissioners for the Mangy Moose Subdivision Final Plat Approval. Kate Stout and Bill Karas from Red Lodge Surveying and Lynn Boughey were present. Lynn expressed concerns that documents related to the conditions of approval were not in packet for the public. Forrest noted the packet was for the preliminary plat approval; Lynn reviewed Red Lodge Surveying’s file and was content that all conditions had been met. Forrest reviewed conditions of approval as follows: Filing of the final plat shall be subject to final review and approval of the well and septic provisions by the County Sanitarian; 2. A notation shall be provided on the final plat that legal and physical access is provided to each lot per 76-3-608(3)(d) MCA; 3. The final plat shall contain the following or similar language in order to remove existing agricultural restrictions: “Purpose of Plat: to Plat Agricultural Tracts #1686 and #1803 in accordance with the provision of the State of Montana and Carbon County Subdivision Regulations in order to remove as agricultural exemption/restriction”; 4. The final plat shall be submitted in compliance with Section IV-C of the County Subdivision Regulations as applicable; 5. As per the approved weed management plan, a bond in the amount of $3,000 shall be secured prior to final plat approval; 6. Per section V-A-10.b.(xi)., reclamation will be required for abandoned Private Road upon closure and construction of the new access road. Water shall be diverted off of the existing road so that new vegetation can be established; 7. Per section V-A-21., for driveways more than 300 feet long a minimum unobstructed driving surface of 16 feet and turnaround including but not limited to a drive-through, cul-de-sac or hammerhead turn-a-round within 50 feet of the building or structure is required. Forrest noted all conditions have been met and recommended approval of final plat. Lynn asked questions regarding document numbers for the access easement; he was referred to the Clerk and Recorder. Lynn would like to road maintenance agreement to be part of the deed record; it was noted the agreement is a civil issue, but the original could be filed with Clerk and Recorder.

Commissioner Blain moved to approve the final plat of the Mangy Moose Subdivision; Commissioner DeArmond seconded; motion carried.
10:30 Fish Wildlife and Park Regional Manager Barb Beck met with Commissioners for Department updates. Noted USDA has been addressing problem wolfs and do not have any problem bears in the region at this time. She noted they have a lot of lion sightings reported and asked the Commissioners to let her know if they heard of any issues.
10:45 Commissioners discussed their preliminary budget.
11:00 Beartooth Billings Clinic CEO Kelly Evans, Public Health Nurse Roberta Cady, and Beartooth Billings Clinic Finance Director Linda Harris met with Comm for Carbon County Nurse / Public health preliminary budget. Kelly gave overview of historic process and services offered. Especially balance of charging for immunizations and providing them affordably; Beartooth reviewing immunization revenues to ensure all properly deposited and will review fee schedule. Angela noted grant fund budgets for 17-18 were for 5 quarters to get county budget in line with contract year. 18-19 request is only for 4 quarters, resulting in a budget reduction. Kelly noted costs going forward 3% merit increase for staff, and cost to better backup vaccine storage. Bill noted 0% increase last year. Requested 5-7% increase, noted have had Medicaid cuts. Roberta would like to do more outreach. Kelly noted legislative challenges with maintaining non-profit property tax exemptions and preserving Medicaid expansion.
11:30 Fair Board President Phil Nardinger met with Commissioners regarding the preliminary budget. Bill noted Red Lodge School’s building should be removed June 15th and deannexation should be done by end of June.
11:55 Commissioner Blain moved to approve April 26, 2018 Commissioners Proceedings; Commissioner DeArmond seconded; motion carried.
12:00 Adjourned

Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant