May 27, 2021

May 27, 2021

Commissioners Scott Blain, Bill Bullock and Scott Miller and Commissioners’ Secretary Barbara Krizek were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioners Blain and Miller attended a public information meeting hosted by the Detention Facility Citizen Committee last evening held at the Roscoe Community Center. In attendance were: Committee members Hal Lewis and Jane Swanson-Webb; Spectrum Architects Gary Levine and Kathleen Armstrong; Hulteng CCM Shane Swandal; Sheriff Josh McQuillan; Administrative Officer Angela Newell; Guy Dodge and Janet Dodge; Janis Eckert and Bruce Eckert; David MacAusland; Jim Stirneman; Bob Bilyeu; Tom George; and Alvin Ellis. A panel presentation was given covering topics such as: the decades-long history regarding detention issues, transportation challenges to other counties with facilities, the nature of the crimes being committed and the warrants outstanding, the public safety challenges facing judges with few options for imposing detention on offenders, and construction and operating budgets. A public question and answer session concluded the meeting.

David Kallenbach and Tesla Palmatier joined during Public Comment period to provide and update on Red Lodge Area Community Foundation’s Carbon County Area Ride and Transit (CART) and to request a letter of support to the Montana Health Care Foundation. To date, CART has provided 406 trips to the County’s senior, disabled, or low-income residents with expenses totaling $7,075 (or $17/trip, though the service is at no-cost to riders). The predominant requests for rides have been from Bridger to Red Lodge; CART has focused on outreach in the Clark’s Fork valley.

Steve Carrington, Randy Black and Mary Boyer joined during Public Comment period to discuss the Rural Special Improvement District #2 for Belfry Water-Sewer. Boyer asked for clarification about the lighting district and how it was established and expected to be run and whether it is to be run by the Water-Sewer board members. 8:55 Administrative Officer Angela Newell joined the meeting and recommended drafting by-laws for the lighting district. Discussion will continue on a future agenda.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Task Force Secretary Mary Cameron joined during Public Comment Period to request approval to submit the DUI Task Force plan for FY22; Commissioners endorsed the plan.

9:00 Workers’ Compensation Insurance discussion presented by Seitz Insurance Jeremy Norby and Tom Chamberlin and Mandeville Insurance Josh O’Shea. Norby detailed that the County’s premiums will remain stable for the coming year with an experience modifier of 1.03. Norby outlined measures the County can take to reduce claims such as an employee returning to light duty within 3 days of injury when feasible. Norby recommended having a safety briefing with all new hires on their first day of work to set the tone for the workplace experience.

9:30 Red Lodge Mayor Bill Larson joined for his regular update. Discussion regarding the broken guardrail at the bottom of West Fork road; the City/County will work together to provide personnel to fix.

10:00 County Attorney Alex Nixon joined for his regular update. Commissioner Bullock discussed CenturyLink’s claim for damages on Election Road; he stated there is no record of them having applied for nor received an encroachment permit to lay the line. Update regarding yesterday’s mediation for Industrial Communications litigation; mediation is set to continue June 14.

Newell reported that Jane Swanson-Webb has registered the Detention Facility Committee as an Incidental Committee with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

11:00 District Court Preliminary Budget with Deputy Clerk Rochelle Loyning. She requested increasing Deputy Clerk Tiffany Howard’s pay to 80% of elected official base salary, eliminating the part-time position, and retaining three full-time positions. She requested approval for two purchases in FY20-21: a copier replacement as well as a quieter air-conditioner for the Judge’s chambers.

11:30 Department of Public Health and Human Services Task Order for Public Health Emergency Preparedness. Discussion that the amendment adds funds to and extends the term of the existing grant . Commissioner Blain moved to approve Task Order 20-07-6-11-059-0 Amendment One; Commissioner Miller seconded; motion carried.

12:00 Adjourned.