May 6, 2021

May 6, 2021

Commissioners Scott Blain, Bill Bullock and Scott Miller; Administrative Officer Angela Newell; and Commissioners’ Secretary Barbara Krizek were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.

Discussion regarding personnel safety at the Administration building; Commissioners asked Newell to explore camera system options.
9:00 Commissioner Blain moved to approve the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services Immunization Program Grant Agreement 2021-2022; Commissioner Miller seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Miller moved to approve Commissioner Proceedings for April 13; Commissioner Blain seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Miller moved to accept the Treasurer’s Cash Report for April; Commissioner Blain seconded; motion carried.

9:30 Red Lodge Mayor Bill Larson joined for his weekly update. They are interviewing for the City Attorney vacancy. Police Chief Jason Wells has resigned effective July 1 and they will be looking to fill his vacancy. Continued discussion regarding on-going issues with the West Fork Road guard rail and the Rock Creek channel at Two Mile Bridge. Discussion about the lack of affordable housing in Red Lodge for working families.

Commissioner Blain moved to approve the Clerk and Recorder’s Claims for April; Commissioner Miller seconded; motion carried.

10:30 Meeteetse Trail Maintenance. In attendance: David Lehnherr, Dan Seymour, Sherrill Sandmire, Lexy Adams, Rohnn Lampi, and County Attorney Alex Nixon. Lehnherr shared his concern about the lack of snow plowing and drifting of the road as it leaves the bench and heads east down the hill to seven more homes. Seymour cited an increase in recreational tourism traffic (ATVs) on the road and stated the road is disintegrating without attention to maintenance. Commissioner Bullock stated that the public is invited to the yearly Road Priority designation meetings and that the County must prioritize use of its available resources. Commissioner Miller outlined some of the logistical challenges of the road due to its distance and inaccessibility to his Bridger district, but stated that he intends to get road crews over to help this Summer and encouraged continuing open dialogue. Commissioner Bullock said road is listed as a “public” road, but that the founding documents for the subdivision point to maintenance obligations by the subdivision. Discussion about re-contouring the road; Commissioner Bullock reported he has had recent conversations with Ron Wolf who owns the property that could be re-contoured and thought that Wolf was open to further discussion. Commissioners stated that they have recently acquired federal surplus snow removal equipment that could be staged nearby to assist in snow removal; with equipment staged, road personnel can more readily address drifting. Adams recommended signage to warn public about the minimal maintenance (Priority 3) so that residents wouldn’t have to be frequently approached for help from stranded recreationists.

11:00 Airport Board Meeting attended by Commissioners Scott Blain, Bill Bullock and Scott Miller; additional Board members Merrill Pfeifer (Bridger), Mark DeRudder (Bridger), Gary Herem (Red Lodge), and Steve Smith (Red Lodge); Administrative Officer Angela Newell; Commissioners’ Secretary Barbara Krizek; Red Lodge Airport Manager Jeff Wise; Red Lodge hangar owners Bo Ewald, Andrew Teetzel, Lance Brill and Drew Daniel; Interstate Engineering Brent Moore; Red Lodge Community Development Director James Caniglia; and Ryan Hayes.

Meeting called to order. Commissioner Blain moved to approve minutes from March 9, 2021 (attached); DeRudder seconded; motion carried.

12:20 Adjourned.