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SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

November 16, 2017

November 16, 2017
Commissioners Doug Tucker, Scott Blain, and Bill Bullock, and Administrative Assistant Angela Newell were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance
Gordon Sirrine was present.
9:00 County Attorney Alex Nixon and Civil Deputy Jacque Papez met with Commissioners to discuss County business. They discussed EverPower’s New and Expanding Industry Applications for the Mud Springs wind project; Jacque noted a construction permit has not been issued for the project. They also discussed Tax Deed property purchased by Brett Crosby in September 2015; it was noted the deed has not been transferred as he still has not paid for the property.
9:30 Josh Juarez met with Comm. Noted septic non-compliance in Joliet going in the correct direction. Thankful for Sheriff Office assistance.
Commissioners discussed representation on various boards. Commissioner Bullock noted the Custer Gallatin Working Group does not appear to be moving forward with projects; he will attend those meetings when it is convenient. Commissioners will represent the County on boards as follows: Area II Agency on Aging – Bill Bullock; Alternatives – Bill Bullock; Mental Health Center – Scott Blain; Custer Gallatin Working Group – Bill Bullock; Beartooth Resource Conservation & Development – Doug Tucker; Human Resource and Development Council – Scott Blain; and South Central Regional Juvenile Detention Board – Bill Bullock.

10:00 Election Administrator Macque Bohleen met with Commissioners regarding municipal election canvases. Commissioner Bullock moved to accept Mail Ballot Election Canvas for the Town of Fromberg; Commissioner Blain seconded; motion carried. Macque noted the Red Lodge Ward 2 race was very close, but did not require a recount under statute; the committee did count twice and got same numbers both times. Commissioner Bullock moved to accept Mail Ballot Election Canvas for the City of Red Lodge; Commissioner Blain seconded; motion carried.

12:00 Adjourned

Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant