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SB 442 Override Letter - April 6

November 3, 2016


November 3, 2016

Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell, and John Prinkki and Administrative Assistant Angela Newell were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioner Tucker moved to accept Clerk and Recorder Monthly Deposit Reconciliation for October 2016; Commissioner Grewell; motion carried.

Commissioner Tucker moved to accept District Court Fines and Fees Receipt Summary for October 2016; Commissioner Grewell second; motion carried

Commissioner Tucker moved to accept Treasurer Cash Report for October 2016; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

Commissioner Tucker moved to accept Commissioners Proceedings for October 31, 2016; Commissioner Grewell seconded; motion carried.

9:00 County Attorney Alex Nixon and Civil Deputy Attorney Jacque Papez met with Commissioners. Discussed easements filed by the Eders for East Rosebud Road. There are still a number of easements outstanding and a sufficient petition to establish the road as a county road has not been received.

9:45 Commissioner Grewell moved to petition City of Red Lodge to de-annex the Fairgrounds; Commissioner Prinkki seconded; motion carried.

9:50 Red Lodge Mayor Mike Schoenike and Community Development Director Peter Italiano met with Commissioners to discuss growing needs of both the City and County and the possibility of constructing a joint building. City has been approached to purchase property north of the Red Lodge fire station. The city is also looking at properties they own that could be sold to help finance construction or purchase of property. Some of the properties being considered for sale is the ground under airport hanger sites. Commissioner Grewell noted the County would need approximately 5 years to build up capital fund. Commissioner Grewell suggested possibility of entering into non-binding MOU regarding capital improvement plans and concept for a joint facility. City believes this could help the project’s continuity through various City and County administrations.

Parties also discussed City – County relations. Neither party is aware of any existing issues between the two entities and hope to work together.

Mike discussed Red Lodge Mountain’s plan to run fiber internet to their facilities. They are wondering if the County would like fiber internet at the radio tower site and would be willing to help defray the cost. Commissioners do not believe it would be beneficial to have fiber internet at the site.


12:00 Adjourned



Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant