October 12, 2023

October 12, 2023
Commissioners Scott Miller and Bill Bullock were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.
9:00 Sanitarian Barbara Krizek, Sanitarian Jesse Guiterrez, and Assistant Lori Kane met with Commissioners for the Environmental Health Department monthly update.
10:00 County Attorney
10:30 7D Subdivision Forrest, Ed Draper, Beverly Draper, Kate Stout Red Lodge Surveying. Bullock moved to approve the final plat; Miller seconded; Commissioners thanked Drapers for their efforts to provide opportunities for local business establishment and expansion; motion carried.
11:00 Safety Committee Meeting.
11:30 Bullock met with Shawn Stewart and Dan McHugh FWP Bear Specialists who noted the volume of bears in the County is starting to become a public safety issue. Stewart requested the County’s assistance in messaging residents.
1:00 Airport Board Meeting Merrill Phifer, Bo Ewald, Steve Smith, Bill Bullock, Scott Blain, and Scott Miller with guests Terry Durbin, Denise Rivette, Drew Daniel, Kristen Cogswell, Barbara Krizek, and manager Jeff Wise were present.

2:30 Adjourned.