October 26, 2021

October 26, 2021
Commissioners Scott Miller and Bill Bullock; and Administrative Officer Angela Newell were present.
8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.
Clerk and Recorder Christine Stovall met regarding Accounts Payable Clerk position. Interview scheduled for Thursday. Would like to start new employee at the Clerk 4 wage. Commissioners approved.
Miller moved to approve Sheriff Josh McQuillan’s request to fill a Dispatch vacancy and reestablish a hiring pool; Bullock seconded; motion carried.
Newell discussed Public Health updates; Charleen Austin new RN started yesterday. Standing orders are in place for vaccinations; will have a flu clinic Friday at the Red Lodge Fire hall. Working on paperwork for COVID vaccinations and hope to be able to dispense them soon. Beartooth has been a good resource for flu clinic logistics.
10:00 Miller moved to approve the MOU for Roberts Water and Sewer ARPA Subgrant Agreement; Bullock seconded; motion carried.
10:30 Miller moved to approved time as submitted; Bullock seconded; discussion regarding Public Health overtime, Commissioners expect overtime to come down after this week with another full-time Nurse having started Monday (10/25); motion carried.
11:00 DES Coordinator Cyrina Allen met with Commissioners regarding a Purchase Request for EMPG Reverted Funds Grant Radio Project. Allen and Commissioners discussed Public Health Officer (PHO) Duties; would like to establish different pay code to separate PHO and DES duties.
1:00 Public Health Coordinator Erin Cross and DES Coordinator Cyrina Allen met with Commissioners. Discussed COVID boosters, Cross is ordering but not sure when they will be available. Noted will host flu clinic on Friday and Beartooth has gifted vaccine doses. Cross will assist with COVID/Flu vaccine clinic at Roosevelt on Wednesday and some Beartooth Staff will assist with Friday’s clinic.
1:06 Robin Adams and Eric from the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation (RLACF) Housing program met with commissioners regarding ARPA grant. Discussed Grant award of $20,000; CDBG Grant via City of Red Lodge was awarded.. Commissioners would like to see county funds used to address housing on a county wide basis and not limited to Red Lodge City limits and immediate surrounding area. Adams would like to know more information regarding housing in other areas of the County. Discussion regarding workforce housing issues county wide for teachers and other government employees. Commissioners see better and more affordable opportunities in other areas of the County considering land prices in and around Red Lodge. Would also like to evaluate public / private partnership opportunities. Discussion regarding grant opportunities related to the establishment of a Port Authority. Discussion regarding Joliet infrastructure grant. Commissioners would like to see formal MOU for Red Lodge CDBG to be used as larger County wide housing ARPA grant project match. Discussion regarding Joliet property; Bullock feels need to progress with property following the detention vote.
1:20 Blain joined meeting.
Commissioners waiting on Infrastructure upgrades before they make a decision.
Allen and Cross joined Commissioners for discussion regarding Alcohol Tax Funding Planning. Historically all funding has gone to South Central Regional Mental Health Center’s Journey program. Blain would like to look at reallocating funds for better service via mental health. Commissioners concerned about services being provided. Carbon County has a low per capita accessibility for therapists. Sweet Grass using their funding for mental health case worker; Commissioners would like to explore doing something similar.
12:00 Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Officer