September 17, 2015 EVENING


          September 17, 2015

          Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell and John Prinkki were present.

7:00 Commissioner Prinkki called the meeting to order.

          County Attorney Alex Nixon, Deputy County Attorney Jacque Papez, Sheriff Josh McQuillan, Red Lodge Policy Chief Steve Hibler, Joliet Mayor Harley Sorrells, Red Lodge Mayor Ed Williams, Ralph Dawson Fromberg, Joe Yedlicka Fromberg, Everett Edwards Fromberg, Gerry Roth Bridger, Sherry Munoz Joliet, Gary Gray Joliet, Hope Freeman City Attorney Joliet/Fromberg/Bridger, David Flint Fromberg Fire/Town Council, Fromberg Mayor Richard Anderson, Mike Schoenike Red Lodge, Bridger Mayor Scott DeRudder, Mike Ventling Fromberg, Kelle Ventling Fromberg, Mike Buechler Bridger, Deputy Sheriff Ben Mahoney, and Administrative Assistant Angela Newell were present.

Commissioners provided an overview of Carbon County’s efforts to reduce the costs of providing dispatch services. The County explored the feasibility of consolidating dispatch services with the City of Laurel but the cost would have been higher than current costs. Because of issues paging out emergency services in areas of the County, including Joliet Ambulance, the County felt upgrades to communication equipment were necessary. Commissioners noted they have also been frustrated with the continued radio issues throughout the Simulcast project.

Angela Newell gave overview of spreadsheets used in calculating the formula.

Attendees expressed concerns that the municipalities are not increasing the cost of operations for the dispatch office and that the cost should be spread around evenly. Commissioner Prinkki noted that if the County did not provide the service which includes the infrastructure, each municipality would have to run their own dispatch service. Attendees believe having local law enforcement saves the County money but adds costs for town residents that also have to pay extra for dispatch services.

Police department is added expense for town residents, and then they have to pay extra for dispatch.

Commissioners noted that all County residents pay the same amount into the Public Safety Fund.

Mike Buechler expressed frustration that the towns were under the impression there was a grant paying for the project and all they needed to do was buy new radios. Commissioners noted that the grant funded the switch to narrowband and was separate from the Simulcast project.

Biggest frustration was that they were not notified in advance of the investment.

Attendees asked about capital costs being depreciated over the life of the item rather than allocating the full cost all at once. Commissioners noted that County finances account for the capital expense in the year purchased and cannot be depreciated.  

Sheriff McQuillan gave update on Simulcast project and noted they believe issues have been resolved and are checking with local jurisdictions to make sure there are not outstanding issues to be addressed.   

Attendees expressed concerns about Industrial not having the foresight to know equipment would not work.

          8:30 meeting adjourned.


Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant