September 8, 2016


September 8, 2016

Commissioners Doug Tucker, John Grewell, and John Prinkki were present.

8:30 Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioners received a letter from Chris Miller regarding the speed limit on Bridger Fromberg Rd. Conflicting speed limit signs were all changed to 45 mph. Mr. Miller did not want the speed limit increased in areas that were previously posted at 35 mph. The Commissioners did not believe a lower speed was warranted.

Red Lodge Rural Fire Chief Tom Kuntz met with Commissioners to discuss potential lease for building dispatch center on the District’s property. Tom asked if it is mutually beneficial to construct a joint building. DES Coord. / GIS Mgr. Tom Kohley was present. The Fire District needs a larger meeting space and both entities could save by sharing some of the construction costs. Commissioner Prinkki and Sheriff McQuillan met with Industrial Communications to explore some of the issues related to moving 911 Dispatch equipment and the Court House Server used by Dispatch, the Sheriff’s Office and County Attorney’s Office. They discussed the option of the County constructing a Dispatch Center with shared bathroom facilities in exchange for leasing the land. They also discussed some of the challenges with possible changes to 911 Dispatch communications that may come in the future. Tom Kohley noted there could be considerable expense to move the dispatch equipment and keeping the sheriff’s office and dispatch center connected to shared databases.

8:50 Civil Deputy Jacque Papez joined the meeting.

9:10 County Attorney Alex Nixon joined the meeting. John Husar met with Commissioners to discussed Mud Springs Wind Project. The project is expected to receive a Category 2 Classification for eagle habitat. EverPower is considering going to the Wyoming Public Service Commission to force PacifiCorp’s signature on the Power Purchase Agreement. He hopes the project will begin operations in 2018.

Commissioners and attorneys discussed difficulties in housing state inmates; Gallatin County is no longer accepting State Inmates from other Counties. They discussed fire lines created by the County; Attorneys confirmed the County has no obligation to reclaim a fire line created by road crews. Commissioner Grewell would like a county wide policy stating the County will not rehabilitate fire lines. Commissioner Tucker noted he has given a verbal warning to Diamond T Ranch about sprinklers watering the County Road; he advised the Ranch Manager the Sheriff’s Office will be called if it continues. The Commissioners will visit the Bridger Cemetery site on Monday to appraise the properties for the land swap. Commissioner Grewell noted the landowner who installed an unpermitted cattle guard has agreed to bring it up to County standards.


Commissioners signed Gravel Crushing Agreement with Matriarch Construction.

9:40 Commissioner Grewell left meeting.

9:45 Sheriff Josh McQuillan met with Commissioners regarding the Head Dispatch position. He would like to assign those duties to a dispatcher and remove duties from Sheriff Secretary’s job description as her workload is constricting time in the dispatch center. Commissioner Tucker moved to change job descriptions as presented; Commissioner Prinkki seconded; motion carried.

10:00 Crag Pester Matt Eaton, Eric Bechtold, and Bridger Road Foreman Vern Adkins met with Commissioners for Motor Grader bid opening. Bids were received as follows:

  • New
    • Tractor & Equipment: 2017 160M3 AWD $336,274; automatic cross slope $6,273; spare tire and rim $4,500; 2007 John Deere 870D trade $65,000
    • RDO: 2016 John Deere 872G $381,220; automatic cross slope $14,675; spare tire and rim $2,800; 2007 John Deere 870D trade $58,000
  • Used
    • Tractor & Equipment: 2012 160M2 AWD with 3000 hrs $308,000; spare tire and rim $4,500
    • RDO: 2014 John Deere 872GP with 1700 hrs $236,500; spare tire and rim $3,800

10:00 Commissioner Grewell rejoined meeting

Commissioner Grewell moved to adopt Maintenance Agreement for the County Attorney’s copier; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried.

10:30 Commissioner Grewell moved to adopt Resolution 2016-20 Intent to Create the Red Lodge Cemetery District; Commissioner Tucker seconded; motion carried

11:00 Stephan Streeter, Gary Neville, Rod Nelson, and Randy Roth from the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), Nathan Adams from Senator Steve Danes Office, and Brent Moore were present. They discussed upcoming road projects in Carbon County. Work will be continuing on the Beartooth Pass and millings will be available to the County. The next stretch of the Hwy 212 project will include the roundabout at Two Mile Bridge and will extend the west sidewalk to the hospital from where it currently ends at Red Lodge Brewery. Roberts portion of Hwy 212 is expected to be let in 2018; the project is currently in the right-of-way phase. The Roberts to Boyd section of Hwy 212 is currently being surveyed by Sanderson Stewart;


the project’s construction phase will be beyond 2020. There are also two projects on MT 78 projected to be constructed beyond 2020. Northwest Red Lodge from RP 5.1 -9.9 and Luther East to West from 9.9 – 15.4. Commissioner Tucker asked about intersection warning signs at Edgar; the “650 ft ahead” signs are not included, but flashing lights will remain. MDT representatives noted the County Weed Dept. does a good job taking care of weeds in the right-of-way. Commissioner Grewell requested the lilac bush be trimmed on Hwy 212 at the intersection of Carbon Ave in Joliet. Commissioner Prinkki noted he is working on legislation to establish standards for when utility relocates for road construction projects; the legislation seeks to specify a time line for when utilities must be moved after notice is given.

12:00 Adjourned



Respectfully submitted: Angela Newell, Administrative Assistant